Buy Property with Your Super

superannuationMost Australians are now eligible to establish their own Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) and this super fund can also take out a loan to buy an investment property. The reality is that you now have the opportunity to make your superannuation funds work much harder for you giving you the chance of a better lifestyle in retirement.


A Self-Managed Super Fund will allow you to:

Borrowing with your Self-Managed Super Fund

There are many traps when establishing your SMSF.
Careful consideration must be given to the way your fund is set up as strict regulations apply when it comes to SMSF property investing and borrowing. Accordingly, it is absolutely essential that you seek the most professional guidance.

We have a number of independent loan brokers who are highly experienced in finding the best lenders and arranging the most suitable loan structures for self-managed super funds tailored to your specific needs.

Our financial alliance partner, SuperFinance are professional financial planners specialising in SMSF and are available to help you through all stages of your SMSF property investment. This includes the setting up of your SMSF, establishing an investment strategy, arranging a suitable loan and assisting with all other related matters.
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