The dependence of the fate of the children's experiences

The destiny of man depends on what he experienced in his childhood, from birth to three years. Strong shock that the baby had a chance to experience in this period of time, is delayed in his subconscious and creates a program for the rest of his life. And what was not - did not occur at all. The phenomenon is called imprinting, ie imprinting. It was opened by the researcher Konrad Lorenz from Austria and received a Nobel Prize.
One day he spent studying geese, who were born in the incubator, and found that the little goslings walked behind him, instead of goose. It turned out that the mother of the chicks find the moving object, which they have seen in the first place. Lorenz and thus became the first object.
The following studies have shown that children are peculiar to the same capacity for imprinting as other representatives of the animal world.
However, an adult - a more intelligent person with a rich imagination, and therefore it can be imprinting to create an unlimited number of ways. Sometimes this is a ritual, and sometimes - with powerful emotional impact. However, the organization of someone's identity may be weak, but the long time effects or other means. It is popular among sectarians or public promoters, the leading psychological war. It is important to know that some companies are aggressively tuned like zombies with your employees.
And if you pay attention to any large organization in the world today, it immediately becomes apparent that it is destructive. And no matter what the type of the organization, be it manufacturing, church or network of hypermarkets. This is the principle of the imprints that limit human consciousness.
Useless, destructive imprinting will be able to find and delete through a variety of practices: meditation, reimprintinga of neurolinguistic programming, technical review on the books of Castaneda and other methods.
Independently will trace only superficial impressions obtained already during adult life. To help explore the information recorded on the subcortex to three years, may be a psychotherapist. If you try to do it yourself, there is a risk of losing the skills learned in adulthood. But the vast amount of information a person receives in the period from birth to three years old, and his fate is made up of those images that have been played in front of him as a child. The most beautiful girls sex tourism Lviv and the cheapest prostitutes in the world



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