Notes of the young doctor

You hear this rustling of paper, the creak of a chair, even breathing with a quiet snoring. So begins the unique story in your head and with your mind. Reading a book is an example of how a person, being in one place, can move in space and time, create unimaginable plots in his head. This is the most affordable and cheap way to master new information. In the modern world, not many people appreciate reading, and it is very sad. If you ask people personally, they read at home, sitting on the couch, and not in the library, as it was before. In the modern world began to be introduced e-books that contain a lot of information and are almost not harmful to health. It makes me happy, but nothing compares to the pleasant feeling when you turn over the tender pages. My most extreme immersion in a world where everything unrealizable becomes a reality was when reading Bulgakov's novel The Notes of the Young Doctor. Bulgakov is described as a young doctor who was sent to work in a deaf village and for the first time confronted with an independent definition of the disease, prescribing treatment and conducting complex operations. The main events are taken from the life of the author himself: studying at the medical faculty at Kiev University, practice in the village of Nikolskoye, Smolensk region, where he stayed for about a year. At first glance it may seem that nothing will be clear in this story, just as you cannot make out the doctor’s handwriting, but this is only at first glance and before the first read chapter. Then you plunge into the world of sleepless nights, when at any moment they can come running to your house, because somewhere after the engagement in the village, the bridegroom rolled the bride, and the sleigh drifted, striking the joint or the woman had troubled childbirth. And you need to run, call of duty. In my opinion, the main task of the author is to reveal the complexity of the medical profession, especially in rural areas. The work teaches to lead the struggle for life, to constantly improve and not to spare yourself. So, the protagonist, confronted with a difficult reality of life, was not frightened by illness or even death, and continued to follow the chosen path. Many readers wonder: for whom were the “Notes of the young doctor?” Written. For all. They must be read both by doctors and patients. So that people understand more what the role of doctors is and why their recommendations cannot be neglected. However, I will advise that you can achat Viagra only after being convinced about the quality and effectiveness of this medicine.



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