Why go to a family psychologist

The family psychologist turned out to be extremely helpful to many dozens of couples who turned to the specialists of our psychological center. Husbands and wives were not only able to keep the family, but also once again rejoice in the happiness they almost lost. We are sincerely happy when people realize that the point of no return is better not to cross, and seek help in time. All happy families are equally happy, each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way. L.N. Tolstoy. The family psychologist sees his main task in helping people who want to preserve and improve relationships. I remember the lines of the once popular song: people meet, people fall in love, get married. And they always believe that a happy family life is waiting for them. But it is not easy! Relationships are modified in time, and not always for the better. There is a misunderstanding, conflicts that greatly interfere with life, affect the work and the relations with others.

A good psychologist knows that time is passing, and in some families, discord, quarrels, and misunderstanding begin. Is such a family doomed to divorce? I will not dissemble, in rare cases, yes, a divorce will be the best way. But such cases are really rare. Basically, it is possible to save the family, but for this you need:

* to establish mutual understanding

* minimize conflict situations

* learn to listen, hear and understand.

The psychologist does not resurrect the relationship, the professional helps the couple to establish relationships independently, on a really existing, preserved, although, perhaps, faded love. Those couples who know for sure that they do not need help — they do not come to a specialist, but go straight to court for divorce, division of property, carve-up of children. True, then, as a rule, a child psychologist is required, but they prefer not to think about it ...

Smart people, even if they know for sure that they need to get a divorce, come to the family consultation so that the procedure is the least painless. Divorce - this is not a reason for swearing, assault, destruction of relationships. Life goes on, and many understand: it’s better to preserve, if not friendly, then just human relations, than to become enemies.

The family and the psychologist in the process of consultation find opportunities to get around sharp corners in dealing with children. This is necessary both to restore normal family relationships, and in a divorce situation. Teenage psychologist reminds: adults sometimes forget that the violation of family relationships affects not only themselves, but the whole environment. These are children, and parents, and other relatives.

Friends and colleagues are often involved in the vicissitudes of family life. And these relationships also need to be restored, because people are unwittingly involved in a difficult family situation! They, as a rule, take the position of one of the parties, and the other side becomes a priori guilty. Husband and wife will restore relationships, and what to do with friends? How to explain everything to them? Do not worry, we work to help with minimal losses and sometimes with large acquisitions to get out of difficult situations. And here's what is encouraging: in most cases, ONE is enough, albeit a lengthy consultation, which the family psychologist will hold with you. anchorage towing service



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