Types of pools

Pools are of two types of stationary and prefabricated. To install the first option, additional equipment is used, which makes it reliable for its operation. Installing this type of pool, it is very easy to calculate its design parameters. Using this view on the soil, it should be noted that the layers usually settle, to prevent the violation of the structure, it is necessary to make the so-called cement "bed" & quot; or remove the layers of earth on the installation site and ram it.

Tiled pool installed on the street is not entirely appropriate. Microcracks form on the tile, dirt and water get into them in the winter, which may further create problems, and to avoid such misunderstandings, it must be treated, that is, the upper layer is burned. Under the pool you need podlazhivat dense film, which is called the inserts of the film, differing in thickness and multiple layers. Such a film is easy to roll, both manually and automatically. It is worth buying a coating of bubbly fibers that creates a greenhouse effect, which allows you to heat water. Protect the pool from leaves, howling and rain will help & quot; winter & quot; protective covering.

Combined pool type includes hanging set with replaceable polyester cartridges, ladder, sand filter or skimmer. Such a suspension kit will help out, in cases where you forgot to attach a cleaning system, it contains such nozzles as for returning and drawing water, and a searchlight.

How to install a stationary pool, you can also install and assembly. It is necessary to dig holes for the installation, which is recommended to be cemented in order to avoid collapse of edges and subsidence. Pool in the winter season is not necessary to merge and do not disassemble.

It is recommended to purchase a kit for chemical treatment of the pool. The best and affordable option is a set of testers that show the level of chloride and pH in water. With a low chlorine content, it is necessary to add an instant tablet with good chlorine content. This procedure is done weekly. At the initial stage, the chemicals are applied in a double dose. Care of water produces an automatic device, which includes control units of control and electronic.

Adding liquid preparations to water maintains its optimal state. Ozone generators are needed to disinfect water, but this option leaves the chlorine content intact, which makes it not very effective.

There are many accessories on the pool market. For example, a device for a counter flow of water, which is used for massage, also slides, geysers, air dryers, towers and even waterfalls. You can also buy loungers, umbrellas, furniture. irtces.com



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