Selecting wallpaper

If at least once in their lives have to worry about the state of repair, arising in the process, the problem of the choice of wallpaper options - becomes relevant. The market of new materials for finishing offers a large variety of options. Some models feature special originality and beauty. This is not one hundred, maybe even a thousand proposals. Each selected option will have both pros and cons. Sometimes, the problem of choice makes the purchase a few models, not to be mistaken with a choice. In order not to drown in a sea of ​​abundance, is to plan, prepare a rough draft. This problem can be solved independently, but it is possible to attract professionals. To solve the problem yourself, you can use a simple Internet resources - special program editors. The program will help to design the design of the house or apartment and allow you to see the result of work, even before completion of the work. This is a great opportunity to display design imagination and time to implement some of the experiments. Together with the program will be able to find the right combination of colors, choose a beautiful shades. Creating a harmonious interior quite exciting and creative process. By using this option finishing, you can create a unique and very special interior. With proper selection of the desired texture and color, it is possible to achieve space zoning or expand the space optically.
By creating a rough plan of action, and having a project, you can not go in fearing wallpaper store.
Market leadership in this area belongs to European producers. Domestically produced goods are not rare, much cheaper. But imports are generally made of a high-quality and environmentally friendly materials. At the level, and the latest fashion trends and a unique, original design.
Possible options for the wallpaper:
- Paper. The most popular and sought after wallpapers. They are afraid of water, but let the surface of the walls to breathe.
- Fleece. Perfectly suited for painting, well mask the shortcomings of the walls. With this option the wallpaper is easy to produce work.
- Vinyl. Has a very high wear resistance. Very decorative wallpaper, which has high moisture resistance
- Silk-screen printing. They are resistant to fading colors and special textured pattern.
- Textile. It is eco-friendly and natural look of wallpaper.
- Liquid. The innovative technology. It allows you to completely cover without seams.
Before choosing is necessary to consider which option is best suited for each room. love spells



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