Education leadership in child

Some believe that the leadership training in the child leads to negative consequences. Well, see for yourself, my child can not obey their parents. But in fact, real leadership means and ability to obey. It corresponds to the principle of "servant of the king, the father of the soldiers." A beautiful phrase, is not it? So how do you cultivate leadership in the child.

Initiative and responsibility - key concepts

The above traits - an essential foundation of leadership. Each item can not be divorced from the previous one, if you want to see your child's lead. If the initiative is without responsibility, my child can do things. If there is no responsible leadership - will not do anything because of fear do business. We need a happy medium.

How to bring initiative?

In principle, upon the occurrence of adolescent child becomes proactive in itself. It is important to keep up with the very responsible for that. Although, if a teenager has low self-esteem (which happens), then the initiative will not develop. To develop it, you must use two rules:
1. Do not crush the initiative.
2. The child should not feel like a citizen of the USSR of Stalin's time.

Encourage initiative. From this point everything is clear.
It is important to combine the two points. If you encourage your child for taking the initiative, but it will become the right moment to press it (for example, the words "mother knows best"), the more you break the brain child does not provide. We must comply with both rules.

How to bring a sense of responsibility?

Remember that a parent has to do with respect to the child? It is banal in the extreme, but many forget about such a simple thing. That's right, a parent should serve as an example to the child. Children unconsciously imitate their elders, and if your habits have irresponsibility, then this model will subconsciously perceived by the child as normal. Obviously this is not what you want.

How to train a responsibility? First of all, we must recognize that an author of the consequences and learn from them quietly removed. Second - it is important to develop a sense of purpose. The child certainly positive qualities will take over.


So, we figured out how to raise the initiative and sense of responsibility of the child and know what needs to be done to ensure that your child has grown leader. It remains only to translate the advice given in this article in practice. En iyi web sitesi TR.ODESSA.NATASHAESCORT.COM toplantı ve kız ile seks



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