Water in the life of countries and peoples # 001

Water has always played and continues to play a huge role in the life of countries and peoples. Many different events that had historical significance for peoples and states took place on the seas, rivers and lakes. They served and serve as waterways, were and remain the main natural factor determining the location of countries and cities. The growth and economic development of many states were also due to their exceptionally good location on the waterways. On the coasts of the seas, in river beds, bridges and various kinds of hydraulic structures were created and are being created, which became famous as masterpieces of engineering and construction art. It is known that in the early days of November 1966, an unprecedented flood hit the Italian provinces of Tuscany and Venice. It led not only to great human casualties, but also caused enormous destruction - museums, art galleries, libraries were lost. And today, when scientists and engineers in many countries are working on the problem of preventing such a catastrophe in the future, a plan to save Florence 450 years ago was unexpectedly discovered. This plan was developed by a brilliant Italian artist, scientist and engineer, one of the most prominent representatives of the art and science of the Renaissance, Leonardo da Vinci. The plan provided for the construction of a large reservoir in the mountains, and several dams with locks on the Arno and Sievre rivers. It was the waters of these rivers that came out of the channels that caused the disaster of 1966. A network of canals was to connect an artificial reservoir in the mountains with Trazimensky Lake and the Tiber River. Another channel was to connect Florence with the Mediterranean port of Livorno. The grandiose project of Leonardo da Vinci was never implemented. Now, according to scientists, it will be the basis for the construction of hydraulic structures for flood protection of Italian cities. Water basins were also the place where bloody battles often took place, in which peoples defended their countries from the invasion of foreign invaders. Witnesses of many heroic and glorious events were the rivers of our homeland. Here are just some of the historical battles that the Russian people invariably keep a memory of. On the banks of the Neva on July 15, 1240, Prince of Novgorod Alexander Yaroslavich defeated the Swedes. On August 11, 1378, a Russian army under the command of Moscow Prince Dmitry Donskoy defeated the Mongol-Tatars in a battle on the banks of the Vozha River, on Ryazan soil. Their complete defeat was completed on the Kulikovo field. En güzel koşullara sahip bahsegel bahis sitesi.



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