What train is Gosha going to ?.

“We watched the film“ Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears ”with the daughter for the second time. No, inaccurate, we went to visit dear, dear people. "

“As if enchanted, I have been under the impression of this picture for several days. I look around and see the kind eyes of her heroes. The mood is amazing. bright, and good luck goes for good luck. "

“I don’t remember when I met a movie in which one could so keenly feel the pain and joys of his heroes, cry and laugh, live with them for an hour, a day, and maybe a whole life.”

In fact, it is not often the on-screen premiere that causes such a flood deeply personal, sincere and grateful, dictated by the best feelings of the post. In these not at all selected, but expressions taken at random, it is clear that the authors of the responses refer to the heroes as living people who have become close and dear friends to them. And one more letter:

"Thank. Gosh! It is a pity that you are only on the screen. Ah, if only you knew which train you were driving in! I also had a life. I am 44 years old, but I'm still waiting for your arrival, but for now I'm going to the next car. The main thing is not to lose heart ... "

What is so so endeared to the stories of three girls?

Judging by the letters, not sentimental illusions melted the hearts of the audience, it was not the rainbow finale that turned their thoughts to their lives, to the surrounding destinies. It is clear that not every difficult woman’s share will be rewarded by a director’s position at a large plant and the love of such an amazing person as Gosh. But the Muscovite L. T. “rides in the next carriage” and believes, hopes and says to herself: “The main thing is not to lose heart!”

The authors of the film are playwright V. Chernykh and film director V. Menshov. - writes G. Miftyakhetdinova from the Moscow region, - bestow the heroine with happiness, albeit belated. But think, do the authors donate? Life itself.

The responses of the audience show that they correctly understood the fate of the heroines, deployed over twenty years. Since then, when three girlfriends, full of hopes and expectations, went in pursuit of happiness, and to this day, who clearly put everything in place, distributed to the “three sisters on earrings” and showed who among them has achieved.

Three destinies, three characters. I have always been interested in and worried about finding true life values, ”retired A. I. Rzhenishevsky, a pensioner (proudly adding“ working ”), veteran of the Great Patriotic War shares his thoughts. - Apparently, the specifics of my teaching work. In this film, you meet so many problems of this plan, you trace such a detailed and in-depth analysis of them, you gain so much custody. what. leaving the hall, you feel yourself armed in the upcoming fight for the person - for everyone who needs your help. And even though I have lived a long life, you feel the need to push the boundaries of your own personality even wider.

The purely personal reflections of this elderly and, probably, a lot of people who have seen and survived, have something in common with the collective (32 signatures!) Recall of the young Baltic seamen. The film touches upon those problems and the attitudes of people, they write, which are very common in everyday life. He deserves the highest praise and praise. We have not seen such pictures for a long time, but they should be shot more. These tapes have an educational impact on young people, that is, those who begin their own biography, for whom some of the nuances of independent life are still unfamiliar and on which they can have a negative impact on the first collision. We, in general, in our opinion, have not yet paid sufficient attention to this issue. And therefore, sometimes some young people are not well prepared for the first conscious steps. And this question is urgent. Para kazanma fırsatını yakalayın ve bahsegel para yatırma yapın.



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