Виды мебели для туристических походов

Long gone are the days when the campaign was associated only with a standard canvas tent and an old-fashioned sleeping bag.

But today, manufacturers offer to use a host of additional accessories. For example, tourist folding beds can become irreplaceable.
Tourist and hiking clamshell option [/ b]

It can calmly settle in a tent, become a great option for a summer cottage or come in handy at home if guests suddenly arrive. The lightest and most compact is the aluminum clamshell in the case. It has a low weight, and is designed for loads up to 125 kg. They even come with a mattress. She has more weight than the previous version, it is suitable if a van is taken instead of a passenger car for outdoor recreation.

[b] Armchair for all occasions [/ b]

 The hike will become more comfortable if you decide to bring a folding tourist chair. Thanks to the presence of a comfortable back, the human spine is relaxed. In this case, you don’t have to sit on cold ground, invent home-made seats made of stones and boards. Usually it is a metal frame on which a strong fabric is stretched. For convenience, such furniture can be supplemented with a table, various pockets and even a fishing rod holder. If you need a chair that will be used on a hiking trip, then preference should be given to a product equipped with an additional carrying case.

[b] Convenient folding table [/ b]

Perhaps, not one vacation of a modern person in nature is complete without a folding table. An interesting option that does not take up much space is a transformer suitcase, which is a table and two benches. It is made of aluminum, has a plastic top. Some models provide space for an umbrella. Sometimes travelers prefer a simple tourist table, which is folded and made of an aluminum pipe and has an MDF coating. Thus, this piece of furniture can differ not only in material, method of assembly, size. Depending on the last parameter, a company of 2-8 people can fit behind it, and it, as a rule, can withstand a load of up to 50 kilograms without problems.

[b] A chaise lounge for rest and sleep [/ b]

Actively in demand in specialized stores lounge chairs for relaxation. The frame is often made of durable steel, which is coated with moisture resistant paint. Many hotels buy sun loungers in bulk from the manufacturer, put them on the balconies so that guests can enjoy the surrounding view in a comfortable position. The most popular is a deck chair with an adjustable back. Depending on the type, it can be in 6 positions. If there is not much space for a sun lounger in the car, then you can opt for the hanging option. It is allowed to sit on it, to lie, and you can place it between two trees. Visit Deep onion Markets using only the verified original URLs. Find links and URls of all popular Darknet Markets.



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