Witcher 3: Blood and Wine - Additional quest: Order - Monster from Tufo and Balance in Nature. № 1

Additional mission in which we discover the cause of the strong shocks in the basement of a nobleman.

You can start the task after reading the order, located on the bulletin board in the village of Flovie. You will learn about the problems of a vineyard manager, Tufo (he lives in his possessions north of the village).

Ask the customer about the details - especially where the problem arose and who the victim is. You will find that people disappear without a trace, and mysterious sounds come out of the cellar at night. After collecting the information, you can agree on the best price to order. At the end you will receive the key from the basement, where you go after dark.

After entering the center, use the feelings of the Witcher and start looking around. On the left you will find a hole with rats and broken dishes in the center of the room. After a while you will feel the noise - follow him to the wall to the right and destroy it with the help of the Aard sign.

Go ahead and go straight to the tunnel. The road will lead you to a place with several killed Kikimory. Return to the tunnel into which you arrived, and find the descent leading down.

Begin to descend lower and lower. Continue until you reach the boulders, which you can destroy with the sign Aard. Move forward, but do not run after the monster that runs from you. Slowly enter the location, because there are several Kikimor and one warrior there.

It is best to retreat to the entrance and lure the monsters one by one. To the right of them you will find the entrance to the tunnel - Geralt will come to the conclusion that this is much more than frightening. Move to the next part of the underground, burning the eggs with the sign of Igni. Then look at the tracks on the ground, and then return to the surface. Here you will meet a nobleman and a wife - if you burned all the eggs of a Kikimore, you will receive an additional prize.

Ask a woman about the kidnapped by the name of Jean-Luc, and then go to the place north of the house. Use the Witcher's feelings to find a basket with stale bread, a blanket and footprints. At the fork, continue on the left, bypassing the destroyed trees.

Continue to follow the tracks to the monster's hideout. Enter the cave and go to the vast cave where you will find the bodies of the victims. Look at them and find the body of Jean Luke. Take a silver pendant and some blood that will be used to create a beast bait. To do this, go to the Alchemy tab menu and slide the screen from left to right. Select the Bait for the black field and create it using the blood found and the mushrooms growing in the caves. En güzel koşullara sahip bahsegel bahis sitesi.



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