Bathroom. Repairs

Each living room has a bathroom. If repairs are carried out in the whole apartment, it can not be bypassed.
The bathroom needs a special approach, because it contains complex piping systems. The air there is always wet, so there is a possibility of mold, which can be harmful to the health of all family members. Timely and quality repairs will prevent this.

Bathroom repair should be thought through to the smallest detail. If everything is provided for and calculated, the bathroom will acquire a beautiful appearance, and finding there will be comfortable.

Before you begin to work directly, calculate the cost of materials that will be needed for repair. Choose the places where you buy plumbing, pipes, tiles, paint, mortars and wiring. If you are not sure about your abilities to install a bathroom and decorate the walls, then it is better to find the masters. Write down specific terms and responsibilities for employees.

If you have purchased and agreed with the workers, then you can start preparing the repaired premises. Shut off the water and dismantle the old piping system. If you do not know how to do this, then contact the plumber. Next, new pipes are installed. They are better to buy plastic, as they are more durable and reliable. They also have an advantage in weight and size. After the dismantling and replacement of pipes, you need to deal with walls, ceiling and floor. Their dismantling is easy, so in order to save, you can do it yourself.

Then proceed to the finish with tiles. To start laying the tiles on the walls, they must be leveled with putty. Then, do the painting and styling. After these actions, wait for enough time to dry up.

Sex will be the next step. For the bathroom, the best coverage is the tiles. Laying the floor will not be harder than walls. Do not leave empty spaces between tiles. The joints must be treated with a water repellent. It is necessary that the water does not get under the cover.

The ceiling is preferably made either tension or plastic.

It remains to install furniture and a bathroom, which will give the bathroom a complete image. Now the repair is finished, and all work is completed.

It is worth remembering that in repair the most important thing is to correctly determine the budget and terms, and also to choose the right people who will help you in this. Free bonus $500 in JoyCasino



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