Installation of video cameras

The practice of telemonitoring for cottages, provides for the installation of video cameras. Usually it is not less than 4 external rotary video cameras. The company "NAME" recommends the most modern and effective system of telemonitoring, which can be used for cottage settlements. The switching device receives signals from all cameras. In the role of such a device can serve as a switch, and a quad, and a multiplexer. And from the switching device, the video information is sent to the general broadcast base of the television object, via the modulator.
The group picture from the video cameras is transferred to the TV, and the remote control unit controls the switching device and the rotary device of the video cameras via the radio channel. In some cases, at the request of the customer, the console can perform additional functions, such as control of floodlights and electric locks, which additionally increases the functionality and convenience of the system.
Video surveillance and telepathy:
Unwanted penetration into the territory of cottages is provided by modern equipment, which makes it possible to apply video surveillance and telepathy. The uniqueness and peculiarity of this system is that it can be used with a completely new, only installed video surveillance, and with a video security system, which has long been used.
Features of functioning:
The video surveillance system of the company "NAME" can be installed not only on cottages, but also in residential buildings, offices and enterprises. The video surveillance system includes several video cameras, if necessary, hidden, video information passes through the switching device to the image transmitter, via the radio channel to the control object.
A feature of the system is the use of a control panel, which can control the switching device from a mobile radio channel video monitor. Such a control allows not only watching the operation of the video cameras and the situation on the site from afar, but also influencing the course of events through radio control.
For example, a guard patrolling a certain object, passing or driving a car, can record on a portable mobile monitor a signal about violation of security boundaries and see the events on the display. This will not only speed up the reaction time, but will also reduce the likelihood of errors. In another case, the tenant of the house, before entering the room, can view the video surveillance and analyze the situation inside, making sure that his house is not waiting for unexpected guests.
Qualified specialists of the company "NAME" will quickly and qualitatively install a video surveillance and telepathy system in the house, at the factory, in the warehouse and in the cottage. Topp Online casinoer et utvalg av de beste Norsk Online Casinoer.



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