Training for beautiful skin

Pledge of beautiful skin is not limited to a visit to a beautician and an abundance of creams. In order to not lose the freshness of the skin, should be regularly included in the training activity and balanced eating. To skin is not disappointing appearance, should be included The following types of exercises in their physical activity.
1. Shining skin - the result of squats. During the sit-ups you can use not only the area of ​​the legs and buttocks, but also other groups of muscles, if you use weights and use hand movements. But, squats still able to give the skin a radiant appearance. If you create a set of squats cardio, it is possible to achieve several goals: to swing muscles, burn fat, updating the epidermis. The skin for the healthy appearance is not enough oxygen supply. But such exercises can strengthen the work of the heart and blood flow, which provokes a strong inflow of oxygen. For example, you can perform a squat, which should:
- Strike a pose with a deep squat with arms retracted back;
- Stand to its original position, raising his hands to the level of the person;
- A step the left foot (the second approach - right), spreading his hands folded in such a way that they accept the position angle of ninety degrees parallel to the floor. In this position the legs should take the widest position.
- Will return to its original position through a reverse exercise.
The complex of these sit-ups performed in the amount of ten approaches for each leg.
2. Effective attacks. These exercises are also seeking to increase the blood circulation and oxygen supply in the body. Best Mode attacks:
- To make an attack on the right foot forward (to the base), bringing opposite arm forward, slightly touching the floor in the area of ​​the supporting legs;
- Sharply pull the left leg, bending her knees and raising his hands up. In the end it turned out: the left leg bent, thigh which is parallel to the floor, his hands over his head, and all the support on the right foot.
-during a deep breath, return to its original state.
Comprehensive attack must be made on the twelve approaches for each leg.
3. The position of "Bow" comes from yoga. This posture is able to adjust the metabolism, digestion and improve blood circulation, which gives perfect results in the appearance of the skin condition. For its implementation requires:
- Lie on her stomach, bending the knees;
- To have his hands behind his back, rising to the top of the tibia;
- To take into the hands of the ankle;
- Inhale, then exhale and bend, lifting the pelvis and chest area, taking his head back;
- As you exhale to return to its original position.
Over time, fading duration in posture should be extended to four minutes in the approach. Проекты домов Z500 - в Москве



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