How to repair broken water heater

Your water heater broke down at 1 AM on Sunday?
Water heaters should receive periodic maintenance, but too often they are allowed to run without maintenance and, sacrificing themselves, give us hot water every day. When they have had enough, they stop because of corrosion. The easiest and fastest way to replace a water heater is to get it done by a professional plumber, but if you want to do it yourself read on
Step 1: Assembly of the water heater
With the water closed and the old heater already removed, mount the new heater aligned with the planned ventilation ducts. In a brick or concrete basement, mount the water heater directly on the wall, using the mounting brackets supplied by the manufacturer.

Step 2: Air Exhaust Installation
Extend a Category III stainless steel gas exhaust duct from the water heater to a side wall with horizontal air outlet at a downward slope. A vertical exit through the roof is another option. Check the manufacturer's instructions for the maximum distance to which the conduit can extend and the number of cables.

Step 3: Water connection
Connect new hot and cold water lines to the heater. Measure the copper pipe to the appropriate size, and cut off the excess with a rotary pipe cutter. Clean the ends of each pipe with a 120 grit emery cloth before welding. Use a wire bristle brush to polish the inside of the coupling.

Step 4: Gas inlet connection Install a T valve to the existing gas line, and extend a stainless steel corrugated gas line from the valve to the water heater. The inner dimension of the line should be ¾ inch.
Step 5: Heater connection
Connect the water heater. Open the gas Before connecting the water inlet pipe, open the flow valve and remove all sand residue, garbage, sealing paste, etc.

Hope your water heater is working now!



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