Trading crypto currency on options: Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, Ethereum, Litecoin.

Earning on the crypto currency for the last few years has become very important. Who does not want to have passive income, earnings from "air". Mining of crypto-currency has become very popular lately. In the market of crypto-currencies began to actively appear it's new types. With the growth of exchange rates of the leaders of the market for crypto-currencies, interest in this topic has only increased. Many investors have already managed to make good money on the production of crypto currency. In their footsteps, many followers have already passed. Someone has also learned to make money on crypto-currency well, and some have gone bankrupt. How is it possible to earn all the same on a crypto currency. Further in this article we will consider the methods of earning on the crypto currency.

Mining of cryptocurrency

Mining crypto currency is one of the most famous and popular methods of earning on it. In order to start earning a crypto currency, you will need to learn the necessary information, collect or buy a farm, have or rent a premise with a good internet connection and uninterrupted power supply. Next you will need to choose the crypto currency that you will mine. But that is not all. At this stage, you will need to carefully approach the choice of the cryptocurrency you will be getting. Next you will need to select a pool for mining. This is the site where the efforts of all miners for the extraction of crypto-currency are collected. After this step, select the program you want to mine. Then you just need to take care of the withdrawal of funds to an electronic wallet or to the wallet of the exchange

Exchange of Crypto-Currency

The exchange of the crypto currency is another of the lesser known ways of earning money on the crypto currency. All the Crypto-currency is in most cases exchanged for the currency that is in circulation. But, there is another way to exchange the extracted crypto currency in a more profitable way. To do this, there are a lot of exchangers who monitor the courses of the Crypto-currency and their reserve, available for exchange. All this system allows you to get a good profit on the difference in exchange rates. This type of earnings is gaining popularity every day. The more crypto currencies in the market, the more likely to make good money at their exchange rate

Trading crypto currency on options, forex, CFD

Trading crypto currency on options, forex and CFD is the third type of earnings, which we will consider in the framework of this article. This method of earning on the cryptocurrency has appeared relatively recently, but has already become popular among many miners and successful traders. What is the essence of this method of earnings? In the case of trading on options, forex and CFD, crypto currency (for example Bitcoin and Ethereum) will be our asset. In the case of trading in pairs of Crypto-currency, we will need to learn how to predict the ratio of their rates in order to profit from this kind of trading operation. There is also an opportunity to trade with the Bitcoin / dollar pairs, Ethereum / Ruble and many other possibilities that will depend on the broker you choose as the trading floor. Where you can do this:

Trading crypto currency on options- this type of trade in crypto currency allows you to conclude transactions in the market with the help of a certain trading platform. All you need is to learn the basics of the art of trading and understand how the platform works. All large option brokers allow you to open a demo account where you can practice and go through the learning process. It will be convenient to enter the crypto currency, which you drop directly into the purse of the exchange. Where and will all transactions be carried out on your account

Trade in crypto currency on binary options- this type of trade allows you to earn with the help of crypto currency on binary options. This type of trade is not much different from trading in classical options on the technical side. But, the difference in trade between all kinds of options is significantly different

Trading crypto currency on digital options- this type of earnings is one of the most profitable and risky. Here you can lose everything or earn very well. Digital options have common features with binary and classical options. They differ in high profitability of the transaction and in risks

Trading crypto currency on turbo options- this type of earnings allows you to trade cryptocurrency on options with very short expiration times. Typically, this term is 60 seconds. This kind of trade is clearly not for beginners. We first advise you to learn how to trade in other types of options than to start with these

Forex currency trading on Forex- this type of earnings allows you to trade with a crypto currency as an asset in a well-known forex market. Trade in the forex market is gaining popularity very quickly. Many of the traders and miners are already well acquainted with the possibilities of multiplying capital by trading in the forex market

Forex and CFD trading- this type of trade in crypto currency allows you to conclude contracts for price differences. As you already know, assets in this case can be any crypto currency, the trade of which is allowed by your trading platform

Recommended platforms for trading crypto currency:

- IQ Option
- Alpari
- Binomo
- Olymptrade
- eToro

Trading crypto currency on options, forex and CFDcan be an excellent type of basic and additional earnings. More information about trading cryptocurrency you can find on the site



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