What you need to do, once on the Faroe Islands

What you need to do, once on the Faroe Islands

These islands are not as well known as Iceland, however, it is absolutely not deserved. Faroe Islands lost somewhere in the North Atlantic. Faroe Islands - a unique corner of northern beauty. There tend to come many photographers, because you can find the true magic of untouched nature. However, there has to visit each to see it with my own eyes.
Surrounded by unspoiled nature, where high cliffs, steep cliffs, green valley and the raging sea, there is a feeling that came to the edge of the world. All problems go by the wayside before this magic. I want to save each lived here for a moment, and did not want to leave. Stay there even for a month or more, the surrounding nature is absolutely not tired. It is not monotonous, it changes from day to day with the changing weather. If life will bring to Iceland, definitely worth to call and there.
Now, below, list what you need to make sure to come to the Faroe Islands.
View and photograph Gasadalur village. Photo of the village not long ago, in 2012, he won first place in the context of NationalGeographic. And for the fourth year I went like this village was one of the most popular and visited places in the Faeroes. It is unique in its kind. Where else can you see the waterfall that falls off a cliff directly into the ocean. A cliff, by the way, is 200 meters high.
 Find lamb and run for it. Maybe stupid advice, but in fact the very name of the island means "Sheep Islands". Here, simply, people are much less than sheep. Besides, this is not the usual lamb, but the real fluffy toys. They are very shy, but worth a try and catch it. After all, just wanted to stroke her soft fur.
Rent a kayak and sail between the islands. This will give unforgettable emotions. However, if you are new to the sport, in the North Atlantic is better not to start.
Visit the restaurant Koks. This is the best restaurant not only in the Faroe Islands, but also in the whole of Scandinavia. The chef has a unique culinary taste. Here you can find, for example, the juice of dandelions. Almost by Bradbury. From booking a table you get 20 of the most varied and completely natural food.
To go to a dead end. It is difficult to find someone who would not be moved by these wonderful birds. And Michenes Island has the largest colony of them. Jump on the next ferry and go! Друзья! Купить фарму, стероиды, деку и прочую химию для качков и бодибилдеров, вы можете тут . Не стоит больше атаковать личку подобными вопросами.



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