Personality types: introvert and extrovert

Each person has certain psychological traits and properties. Some of them are congenital, others are acquired in the process of life. About congenital properties and will be discussed.

There are two classifications according to which it is customary to divide people according to innate psychological characteristics - temperament and personality type. They largely determine the behavior of people in a variety of situations. Let's talk about the types of personalities and try to give them a general description.

An extrovert is a type of personality that, so to speak, is located towards the outside world. How is it shown? Extroverts are always predisposed to communication and interaction with people around them. Such people are always very sociable, they try to be in the center of attention - this brings them real pleasure. The negative qualities of this type of personality include superficiality with which they view almost all things, which usually leads to erroneous knowledge in the issues they consider. Such people become excellent speakers, presenters, artists, managers - in one word, they are close to those professions that require direct contact with people.

An introvert is a type of person who, unlike extroverts, is directed towards himself more than towards the world around him. Such people are usually not verbose, they are more comfortable alone. They are reluctant to come into contact with other people, which, however, is compensated by their rich inner world - this is an integral part of every introvert. This type of people has such qualities as punctuality, thoughtfulness, and restraint. Introverts are never superficial in the questions they consider - they go deep into them, and only when they study the question or make sure of the facts completely can they publicize the information. Professionals that predispose to working alone are excellent for introverts: different creativity, freelance, writing - in one word, which requires a minimum of contact with other people.

It should be said that the type of personality is an innate feature of each person, which does not change throughout life. If you are unhappy with any of your psychological traits, try to correct or at least minimize your shortcomings that are inherent in your personality type. And it is even more useful to change what can be changed, i.e. character But this is possible only through a full-scale restructuring of oneself in the process of personal growth and self-improvement. canadian online slots



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