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The authors of the film "The soldier came from the front" need this station (where the blind uncle Vanya heals the souls of people), we need just these cars, filled with demobilized soldiers, these frames of happy and unsuccessful meetings are needed, these explosions of emotions - joy, hopes, grief. Therefore, they will shoot a scene familiar to us in the most common outline. And they will look for it not external, but internal, coming from the meaning of uniqueness.

This is not the end of the way of the military echelons, not the triumphal Belorussian station. Here - the passing echelons, which still travel and travel around Russia. Here is the Russian stop. Here - one of the Russian villages, receiving its share of happiness and sorrow from those victorious, jubilant months of the 45th. The cinematic "move" of the scene is independent. First we see women with bouquets of wildflowers standing along the rails. Faces. Faces. We feel a colossal tension of expectation. A train is shown in the distance. Women rush to him. And the meeting is still "on wheels," long before the train stops at the platform.

Here, by the way, it is most accurate to remember not the "The Cranes Are Flying" or the "Belorussky Railway Station", but the "Clear Skies" - those stunning shots that captured the frontline train passing by without waiting for wives, mothers and children waiting at the station. There are seeing off - a tragic image of families, cut at the very core of the war. Here is a dramatic image of the return, the frenzied, passionate desire to unite the separated and even the uncombined, destroyed forever. The striking frame-symbol, shot in this scene by E. Karavaev, is the rolling wheels of the train and two, he and she, who are on different sides of the cars, running, crying, trying to see each other, still not believing that they did meet , have escaped, are alive ...

We will see at the station a lot of joyful, and bitter, and never happened meetings. And then we'll see Faith with the children and Yerofeyich, who are walking the field to the station - to their meeting with Uncle Vanya.

Not an ordinary, easily understood love of a woman to a man, the widow's love for a solitary soldier binds and, probably, will forever connect Vera and Uncle Vanya. (It was heard on the platform by someone shouting from the carriages "Faith!", And she all lit up, all rushed to meet, she is still in the hope, in the faith - suddenly this is her husband, who and the field, she really beat for the edge of his death, and suddenly he survived, alive ...) What then? .. In the sense of Faith, the moral spiritual principle of the Russian woman again bursts outward, which first made her, without thinking for a moment, to take in her house the daughter of the deceased chairman, and now here to come to the station for the blind uncle Vanya and, calling him for the first time by name, say, pop osit, reason with: "Come, Vanya, home."

At this time, prisoners are taken out of the train. The commands of the escorts are repeated, repeated in German. And on the screen we see the faces of Russian women, lonely old women. Those who today because of these very German soldiers, now dawdily wandering along the endless Russian roads, have not met their loved ones. And they will not meet tomorrow. Do not ever meet. But in their eyes, silently addressed to the prisoners, there is now no hatred, no vengefulness - there is pain, there is suffering and heavy bewilderment, the bitter question is why did they come to our land, bringing so much suffering and sorrow?

Then - the last dominant - on the screen again there is a field. It was not a symbolic one, it was just a stretch - a simple village field, on which for the first time in many years the bread was grown, along which the roads lay again. The war ended, was resolved by victory, the world a four-year misfortune. And the roads in front of our eyes will disperse. One will leave a column of prisoners, a string of unrequited people who have not received any "conquerors" on this earth.

And on the other road heroes of the film will go to the village of Martynich - several Russian people who have so many grief behind, people who have survived, carried everything out and now go their own field to their house - ready to live on, work on this land, build again and again their destiny. If you want to play in the best casinos in the world for real money, then you should pay attention best world rating casino you will not experience any payment problems, in these gaming establishments



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