Desire Visualization Technique

Science has proven that the power of thought is a creative force. Life is shaped by our thoughts. Accordingly, being able to control your thoughts, you can easily build your own reality yourself. In other words, our rational "I" is consciousness, the irrational "I" is our subconscious.

Thus, there is a technique for visualizing desires, which is very simple. For example, you dream of something unusual, rather unrealizable. That is, do not even allow the thought that this might come true someday. In this case, the rational "I" is triggered, your consciousness turns on, which is not going to look for ways to achieve it. A dream exists as if in a different reality. In order to start the process of realizing this dream, you need to connect your subconscious (irrational "I"), in other words, turn on your imagination. Imagine your dream in the smallest details, in the most vivid colors, feel the emotions that capture you from the realization that you possess the subject of your dreams. The imagination has no boundaries, and you do not push yourself into the framework. Thus, the imagination will make the dream a reality in which you connect. Further, the subconscious will begin to search for ways to achieve the desired, and the consciousness will no longer resist. A dream will become real and achievable, because presenting what you want, you have experienced real emotions, and this means making your dream a reality - this is reality. As a result, the ephemeral substance that your dream was will go into the category of a specific goal for solution.

To begin with, it is better to practice small goals, to work out the visualization technique, observing two main rules:

1. Concreteness and objectivity. The goal is as concrete as possible, no abstractions ("I want to live well"). Be sure to specify what “good life” means for you, maybe it’s owning an expensive car, then you need to determine in detail what brand it should be, what color, what material the seat in the car is, the sound of the signal, etc. The image of the desired should be very clear.

2. Emotionality and involvement. When visualizing what you want, you should clearly understand that you are the main participant, but not an observer. It is necessary not only to look at the car from the side, but to feel yourself behind the wheel, to think over the route along which you drive on it. The emotions from possessing the desired should be as bright as possible, since it is positive emotions that energize the work of your thoughts. Empire Market is famous and most notorious Dark Web Marketplace right now. Being this famous has it's consequences nonstop Ddos attacks leading primary Empire Market link to be down, and alternative URLs too. That lead to empire market have to design a lot of URLs and tor links and links.



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