Technical solution for the extraction of the crypto currency Ethereum

Mining - is a process of production, or is more customary for this area of extraction of cryptographic coins. The essence of the process of extracting a digital currency is to reduce to solving mathematical problems by computers that select a hash code from a large list of numerical combinations. In order to carry out this process requires a lot of computing power, so with this goal is most often used gaming graphics cards.

Accordingly, if a trader monitors changes, and publishes fresh news in this industry, he oversees the appearance of new game graphics cards. In general, the production of crypto currency is gaining popularity, and many who are in search of a source of earnings, shows interest in cryptographic coins.

The topic of the article, can players understand the specifics of the duality mining by crypto-currencies ethereum and decred.

One of the Chinese firms for the development and production of equipment for the production of crypto-currencies presented a technological solution called PandaMiner B1 Plus This equipment will support the production of crypto-currencies such as monero, ethereum, zcash and all this can be extracted automatically and simultaneously.
What is Pandaminer B1 Plus. First and foremost, a compact box with an individual motherboard, power supply and 8 graphics processors RX480, which gives the Hash Rate 237MH/s (ETH) & 1880Sol / s (Zcash). Variation of ± 5% is expected, XMR: 5865 H/s

Pandaminer B1 Plus is able to produce 3.58 XMR coins, 1.54 coins ethereum, 1.07 Zcash coins, which is equivalent to $ 982 profit per month.



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