Thus, many proposals are implemented

Discussion in the magazine and the newspaper "Water Transport" is not about how to punish negligence and slovenliness. This should not be a question of punishment in the most severe way. It's about how to treat a conscientious person who is in trouble. As a criminal, as an enemy of the people, as a scapegoat ?! Negative examples from life abound. Many Soviet laws in the fleet are devoted to oblivion or perverted by intradepartmental acts. We also need legal reform. The captain is also a man and in most cases a good man.

Recently, articles have been published on the training of specialists for the navy. Many proposals of the authors of these articles can be accepted, and they are taken into account in the LVIMU when drawing up a new training plan for the training of navigational engineers. For example, the practical training of boatmasters is improving. For this purpose the following system of practice is accepted: 1st course - 2 months on the sailing ship "Mir" and 1 month. on the educational-coastal base; 2 nd year - 3,5 months of individual practice on the staff posts of sailors on transport ships; 3 rd and 4 th courses - 2 months of group practice at the training and production courts; The 5th course is 3.5 months of individual practice on transport ships by navigational students.

In total the cadet has 13 months of swimming practice, including 7 months individually on transport vessels. This should be enough for acquiring the necessary practical skills of sailors and navigators and getting the first working diploma of a small navigation navigator.

Training is intensifying on the radar simulator and the SARP simulator. To do this, simulators are used in LVIMU and in the Baltic Shipping Company. Graduates of the navigational department receive the corresponding international certificates.

According to the agreement with the Baltic Shipping Company, all cadets of the boatmaster's faculty will be trained on a simulator for fighting water and fires on the Kamensk ship.

In LVIMU, a simulator is created for training cadets for radiotelephone conversations and obtaining a certificate of a radiotelephone operator.

In the curriculum on the specialty "Navigation" increased the number of hours to study such subjects as ship management, ship theory and design, radio navigation instruments and radio communication, computer technology and programming. A new discipline "Safety of maritime navigation" was introduced. To attract experienced production workers to the training of cadets, a branch of the Ship Management Department in the service of navigation of the Baltic Shipping Company was created. The practical training of cadets on technical means of navigation takes part specialists BERN Baltic Shipping Company.

Thus, many proposals of production workers are being implemented. However, with the proposal of several authors to break the existing system of maritime education and go only to a two-tier structure, one can not agree.

The main objections are as follows. It is impossible to divorce marine education from the general system of higher education in the country and put it in some special conditions. A young man who graduated from high school at the age of 17 can enter any university in the country and finish it in 5-6 years, becoming an engineer at 22-23. The exception, according to the authors of the scheme, should be for the engineers of the navy. To become a navigational engineer, this scheme will take 11-12 years: 4 years of training in an average seaworthy school, then 3--4 years of compulsory work on ships, plus 4 years of training at the Higher Engineering Naval School. Thus, the commander of a naval fleet with a higher education can become no earlier than 28-29 years. It is unlikely that such a prospect will interest young people. オンラインカジノ オンラインギャンブル あなたはこのサイトで見つけることができます



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