Mysterious Nepal travel

Nepal is known for the highest mountains in the world. This state bears the culture is truly unique, and traditions that have kept local residents. It is a country-dream for those who love to travel. Without looking at the fact that Nepal is among the poorest countries in the world, it attracts and captures the hearts of foreign tourists. The inhabitants of Nepal are hundreds of different nationalities and communicate in seventy different languages ​​and dialects, and note that a very small area of ​​Nepal.
It turned 8 of the 14 highest peaks of the Himalayas. Among these vertices are many trekking routes with different levels of difficulty and length. Therefore, travel to the Himalayas may be available to people of different age groups and with different physical podgotovkoy.Imenno Nepal will give beauty and majesty of the highlands of the planet. After all, the Himalayan Mountains are located in India, China, Pakistan and Bhutan.
Always worth a visit to this country two ancient capital Kathmandu and Patan. Patan means "City of beauty". In ancient times it was called Lalitpur. Because of its great number of sites and attractions of this city can be considered one of the most exciting cities in the world beauty. But in Kathmandu every tourist feel that the time seems to have stopped. Despite the fact that it is the capital and one of the major cities of Nepal, there are few that has undergone a change: good looking little streets, many monasteries, rare architecture, locals, filled with kindness and sincerity and the atmosphere, which in a special way calms. None of the travelers will not remain indifferent.
Guests of the country expect an incredible adventure in the campaign from the track around Manaslu, which takes place in the district of Manaslu massif-Himal. The highest point of this route is 5200m and it is the pass Lark La. There is still preserved the tradition, a small number of tourists and mountain insanely beautiful.
Here in Nepal, it has the opportunity to admire the majestic mountains, not wearing a heavy backpack on his shoulders. It is always the services of any stranger porters. Climbing can cross the seven climatic zones. The path will pass through tropical jungle, overgrown deciduous and coniferous forests, then stretch on the Alpine meadow and stone ruins, and gets to the glacial peaks.
If the tourist is ready for an adventure and loves the mountains - it's time to Nepal, the country with the highest mountains in the world. usi de lemn chisinau



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