Stress can cause illness. These signals should not be ignored.

Life under constant stress has a terrible effect on human health. Causes sleep problems, eating disorders, decreased libido and many other unpleasant conditions. However, prolonged and intense stress can lead to chronic diseases, infections and skin problems.

Prolonged stress always affects your health. At first, the physical symptoms are invisible and easy to ignore. However, if stress and anxiety accompany us for a long time, serious health problems can arise. The body will signal in various ways that it is on the verge of exhaustion. The problem is that some symptoms are not specific, and, again, they are easy to ignore or not to look for a link to a stressful lifestyle.

[b] Stress and body rash [/ b]

When the body experiences excessive stress (for a short or long period of time), the immune system may begin to go insane and release histamine to combat diseases that threaten it. Skin rashes and inflammation may occur. It will also be much more sensitive than usual and susceptible to irritations.

[b] Stress and alopecia [/ b]

The immune system can attack hair follicles, causing hair loss. Baldness as a result of stress is quite common.

[b] Stress and weight gain [/ b]

Some people cannot eat when they are under stress, while others are the opposite. It is true that prolonged stress can cause weight gain. During stress, there is an increase in the secretion of cortisol, a hormone that impairs the body's ability to process sugar in the blood and changes the metabolism of fats, proteins and carbohydrates, which can lead to an increase or decrease in weight.

[b] Stress and cold [/ b]

Strong or prolonged stress significantly weakens the immune system. Since the body cannot function properly and defend against bacteria and viruses, it is easier to get infected. In these situations, the herpes virus can become active, causing unsightly and painful changes in the skin around the mouth. It is also easier to catch a cold or get the flu, not to mention other more serious diseases.

[b] Stress and digestive problems [/ b]

Stress causes pressure in the stomach and problems with food, but not only. Constipation, diarrhea, and vomiting can occur on nerves. The body may respond to a one-time incident, but if stress does not stop, unpleasant symptoms may accompany us all the time, causing health problems and hampering daily functioning.

[b] Stress and chest pain [/ b]

Prolonged stress can even lead to a heart attack. The first alarm will be fluctuations in blood pressure, as well as chest pain and heart palpitations. Muscle aches and tension are also common.

Stress is an essential part of our life. You cannot protect yourself from this, but you can limit its effects. It is very important to learn how to control your emotions and learn the right relaxation techniques to help reduce stress, because it greatly affects your health. Spor müptelası için en güzel site mobilbahis .



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