Cargo insurance

If you need to transport the goods, you can never be sure that everything will go smoothly and you can avoid damage or theft. But in order to protect yourself from such unpleasant events and protect yourself against imminent damages, the way out can be found with the help of cargo insurance. And for this there are 2 ways: to independently conclude a contract with the insurer or to assign these responsibilities to the company that undertook the transportation. Only in this way it is possible to protect their rights and expect compensation (in case of problems in the transportation of goods).
But such a responsible procedure as insurance, in order to avoid all kinds of violations, can not do without the very strict supervision coming from the State. Just in order to comply with the legality of insurance and the Law "On the organization of insurance business in the Russian Federation", according to which, no company has the right to conduct its activities without obtaining a state license. And all the actions must necessarily comply with the "Rules of voluntary cargo insurance."
Compliance with the concluded contract is guaranteed by law, but the rules that apply to the insurance company will also play a role.
It is on the basis of the fee, stipulated in the contract, that the insurer undertakes to reimburse the losses related to the insured cargo. But this action is carried out only if there is an insurance event stipulated in the document - and not exceeding the limits of the amount specified in the contract. According to generally accepted rules, the insured may be both a legal entity and a capable individual. But the receipt of payment is able to become a natural or legal person specified in the contract by the insured. Moreover, the insurance contract is even without specifying the name and the name of the beneficiary interested in saving the property that has gone through the insurance procedure.
But before claiming compensation for the damage caused, the beneficiary must prove the existence of his interests regarding the safety of the insured property when, at the time of the occurrence of the insured event mentioned in the contract, his loss or damage has occurred. The property benefits of the policyholder regarding the disposal of goods and the use of them should not contradict the Law, only then they can be considered an object of insurance. And the occurrence of the case envisaged by insurance should be recorded, both at the time of transportation of the property by any mode of transport, and in case of temporary storage provided for by the transportation process.
The insurance contract can be successfully concluded taking into account any of the following conditions:
Taking responsibility for all possible risks;
Responsibility in case of a private accident;
Without liability for damage, except in the event of a crash. Casino software for sale.



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