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A Moscow-based, self-employed linguist, an associate member of the Institute of Translation & Interpreting (ITI), U.K., with studying and working experience in the U.K., the U.S.A. and France, Yevgeny Kozlov specialises in legal, financial and business translation from English and French into Russian and vice versa.


If you aim to engage with Russian partners or enter Russia’s market, or just need occasional Russian translations, Yevgeny may help you bridge the language gap.  As a native speaker of Russian born, brought up and educated in Russia and knowledgeable about the local culture, he can provide top-calibre language support in the form of (certified) translation, consecutive interpreting and proofreading services.


Mr. Kozlov has been professionally engaged in specialist translation since 2003.  After working in-house at top-tier international consultancies in Moscow, Russia for more than 10 years, he eventually launched his own business.


Specialist (legal, financial) translation requires a special skill.  The work done by an underqualified or inexperienced translator would most likely need to be re-done or largely revised at best, thus causing late delivery and extra costs.  Thus, aside from the professional aspect, there is a commercial one, too.  Along with expertise, equally important is the cost.  Yevgeny’s rates are by default more competitive than translation agencies’.  Unlike an agency, he does not have to factor in the indirect costs, such as rent, salaries and wages, office supplies, etc.  Rather, you pay solely for the core service.  Moreover, Mr. Kozlov covers his own taxes and other imposts, so your fiscal burden with him is zero.


The reason why Yevgeny is approached by clients, both repeat and first-time ones, is that his services are expedited and high-quality.  As for pricing, he tends to charge higher rates for specialist texts and, accordingly, lower rates for more general ones.  In negotiating his rate of pay, Mr. Kozlov relies upon his qualifications and expertise, prevailing market conditions and special requirements of a job assignment.


To wrap it up, Yevgeny will provide you with a highly accurate, context-sensitive and fully localised translation within a pre-agreed deadline, addressing your special requests.  Mr. Kozlov views each client as a long-term relationship or a professional referee, so he works diligently and responsibly, and provides aftercare.  For more information on his linguist’s profile, please visit his website at www.expertrussiantranslation.com.



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