Creating your own emotional equation kizi games

The poet Rainer Maria Rilke once wrote. "No feeling is not completely" Our emotions can be puzzles. Wikipedia gives the following definition of the puzzle - "statement or question or phrase having a double or veiled meaning and demanding solutions." Sometimes solutions require ingenuity. When I'm in dire emotional state, I often find that a symbolic interpretation of the subject helps me to look at it objectively.

One of my favorite metaphors on emotion and ego goes back to ancient times. According to this myth, man is composed of four parts: the chariot, horse, driver and master, which in the chariot driven. Chariot symbolizes the body that carries you through life. Horses symbolize emotions and passions, pulling you in different directions. The driver - this ego is Mr. asleep, it is the driver decides where to go. Lord is the true "I", the higher the "I" that is asleep and can not affect the trip. But when the Lord awakens, he should take control of the charioteer and tell him where to go and what to look for.

You have to ask yourself one fundamental question: "Who controls the horses - passions and emotions - in my life?" Maybe it was always awake the driver, that is the ego? Or is it, Lord, God-inspired and the most developed part of you that too often dormant?

Ego - it is not necessarily a bad thing. As the driver he can be a good experience to manage your passions and the body, which will help to achieve success in the shortest possible time. But I know that when my emotions are started at a gallop - it does not matter, I am happy or not - for the driver is in the response play at the best kizi games today.

Ego responds. The soul responds. Experience or thought creates a reaction, and it leads to the emotions and all that in an instant. And if your idea - it is some kind of an obsessive belief, whether "the world is dangerous, I need to protect myself" (leading to fear and anxiety) or "I have a wonderful and all need me" (leads to narcissism), then your reaction so familiar, you will not notice how to turn into an emotional robot. When at the helm Sir, emotions are not caused by spontaneous reactions - they correspond to my state. When I am acting on the basis of his fortune, the less I think about achieving quick results, and the receipt of benefits.

Writer Philip Yancey, who studied the nature of faith, suggested that during the crisis, "the strength of our emotional response is able to loosen the vise, which keeps our world ... The crisis helps to identify the foundation on which we build our lives." If your ego is involved in the creation of emotional equations, you are like a weather vane, changes its direction depending on the wind. Marcus Aurelius advised: "Try to see until it is too late, that inside you there is something higher and more divine than the primitive instincts that guide your feelings and twist you like a doll." Keep this in mind, making your own emotional equation that can be your mantra both in good and in bad times. 



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