Assassin's Creed: Revelations Tips - Mission # 002

Memory 2 - Narrow Escape

Full synchronization: kill the Byzantine Templar with a counterslaughter.

After you take control of your hero, hold RT and A and run, following the spirit of your ancestor.

At some point you will meet a guard. Kill him with your fists by pressing X, and then continue the escape.

Once you get to the woods, direct your character to the very top.

Thus you will restore your weapons.

A little further you will come across a group of armed guards. At the beginning of the battle, press LT to select a target.

Then wait for the enemy attack while holding RT. As soon as you see him raise his sword, press X and you will carry out a counterattack.

To quickly get rid of other soldiers, point the left button at the nearest enemy during a counterattack and press X twice. Repeat this operation several times until all the enemies are dead. Always remember to first hit the guards with a flashing rectangle above their heads. This means that this enemy is about to launch an attack. If you were unable to kill him, hold RT and X again to perform a quick counterattack.

Run after the spirit when the area becomes clean.

It will lead you to an elevator that you can use while holding RT and approaching it.

On the top floor, run along the wall and follow the spirit of your ancestor.

In order to go back, you need to tilt the left analog stick in the desired direction, hold RT and press A.

When you rise, you will meet another guard. While hanging from the edge, hover over it (LT) and then pull it down (X).

Approach the second enemy from behind and stab him in the back (X).

Once you get to the eagle statue, press B to launch it. You will find yourself in the sewers.

After a few moments one of the Templars will attack you. For complete synchronization, you must kill him with a counterattack.

Run right after the battle, until you see a closed gate and a group of guards. Go to the edge, then select the target (LT) and kill (X).

To do this, always try to be a little behind them and jump over the roofs to the right of the track.

When the guards arrive at their destination, another cinematic film begins, followed by the following memory.

The remaining enemies can be killed in a normal battle or quietly using a hidden blade.

Once the camera is protected, go to the man squatting at the stone gate and talk to him (B). buy youtube likes



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