Segmentation of the market and competition in 3d games

About marketing written many articles and scientific reference books traktatov. Nemalo have known authors, and institutions teaching the science of marketing. It is marketing a science? No. Marketing is more of a business area, to study the market situation and its behavior. Market concept of total business. Depending on the industries and lines of business, marketing and diverse. Any market consists of segments, objects and subjects. The subjects of this enterprise, the objects are people. A segment is the share of employment of a particular market specific legal entity. The market can be compared with the cake. If segmented pie fillings, it will look like this: 10% of cherry, apple 17.3%, 37.3% pumpkin, raspberry 49%.

There are 7 types of market segmentation: by price, by product category, for the purpose of the goods, the type of packaging and on the volume of packaging of the goods, according to the manufacturer and combined segmentation. It is also possible segmentation and other specified parametram.Segmentatsiya reveals the major competitors of the legal entity, as well as imagine what position that person occupies in the market. Based on these data, you can create a product roadmap and identify short-term company strategy. Play only best new 3d games at site.

After identifying the main competitors, product comparisons can be made and to identify its strengths and weaknesses. This analysis will make improvements to the products and determine the advertising strategy which will present the most effective product on the market. For comparison of the goods, there are many methods. If the goods of daily demand, it is possible to conduct a tasting and a survey of the population. If the goods are specific enough to conduct a survey among the regular customers, as well as keep a record of failure and negative reviews. It is said that a zero result is also a result.

 In marketing a negative review or unwillingness to purchase this product can also be called with the result. Here is an example of life. In the era of digital technology TV manufacturers offered their development in a 3d image. large-scale advertising, showing the ability to watch 3d house was shown. If earlier it was possible to watch 3d movie and only the elements, but now it can be done at home. And manufacturers giants released their new items. The price of new items has been above average. He presented his company to develop and phillips. However, their first product suffered a partial failure. Why? The characteristics of the TV because the feature is the ability to view images in 3d. Because of this, the TV cost was high. However, in addition to the TV you had to buy a decoder and a pair of special glasses, which also cost a lot. Thus, buying a TV, watch 3d image was not possible without additional equipment. In addition, the manufacturer included selling a couple of points. And then use the TV to view 3d images were only 2 people in the family. After a while, samsung launches TV with built-in decoder for the same price. To view the images in 3d touch of a button. Included with the TV attached 4 pairs of glasses. The buyer's choice is obvious.

Competition for shoppers' attention has no boundaries. Large firms create departments to study the behavior of customers and competitors evaluation. For buyers benefit in this case is that the competition born best product. 



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