Rainbow spectrum

Only the preferences of the person most often affect the color. But the color itself also affects psychology and physiology. Describe your inner "I" by means of a color palette, as this is a more important component of interior design or clothing. The daily life is whether the working space is ergonomic or meager, and the dress with rhinestones is comfortable or, conversely, flashy. Regardless of the impression, the association of a person with color is remembered for a long time.
1. Color mood
To correctly determine the choice, you need to know exactly the basic spectral colors. The main color studies suggest to feel the essence of the rainbow spectrum in working processes in people's lives. It is proved that the color palette affects the productivity of labor. You often want to change the workspace for convenience. Of course, the choice of color palette depends on the purpose of the room.
2. Color work
Increasingly, the so-called color climate is practiced. In the selection of colors in the design of the workspace apply different basic knowledge of working activities and, of course, the physiology and psychology of workers. For example, with a working space in light colors, a positive attitude is created that stimulates creativity; and with colder ones, dark paints, the physiological load regulating breathing decreases, as with certain nervous strains. At enterprises, this contributes to an increase in labor productivity and simultaneously involves a reduction in the incidence of workers.
3. Home Color
Everyone would like to have a favorite apartment as a cozy and comfortable space for the creation of life. In this case, a significant place is given to color design.
Skillfully and creatively, playing a color palette, you can create just a masterpiece of modern design. Of course, everyone has their own favorite color, but not always it can be preferred in interior decoration. It is best to balance the combination of the rainbow palette.
4. Clean sheet
It is believed that the shades of red, orange or yellow are warm, giving comfort and harmony, and the shades of blue, green and blue paint are cold and create calmness and clarity. Apart from this, there is a white color. Because of its innocence, like black, white is an excellent background with different shades of spectrum. When it is used as a linear contour, it provides neighborhood of any colors.
5. Color Traditions
In art, color had a symbolic meaning, which was often formed under the impression of the palette of the surrounding world. In most people red paint expresses heart preferences, green color - future dreams, white color - neutrality. With the change of generations, sometimes the same color spoke of various temperaments and everyday events. In literary works and paintings in different periods, colors were also formed with precise expressions of symbols, of a certain meaning. promo codes no deposit Top Bitcoin Gambling Sites takes bitcoin



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