Psychology of the education of the boy

The birth of a child is a joyful event in the life of every person. Great responsibility for parents. An important role in upbringing plays, the principle does not do much harm. It is important to remember that in every child it is necessary to enclose the notions of morality, the norms of morality.

Education of the boy:

1 The boys are quite vulnerable and sensitive, so do not often punish and abuse the child. It is necessary to trust the child and encourage for any minor achievements, to give love and affection.

2 Independence - both parents should give the boy to show independence and take an observant position. Directing this independence in the right direction.

3 The interests of the boy must become the interests of the parents. Accept, actively participate in the interests of the child otherwise from the mouth of the child will sound, the phrase parents do not know anything about this topic.

4 Teach you to lose and win - playing with your child in checkers, chess is not recommended to be submitted to the child, you need to behave correctly when you win and lose.

5 A child at the age of "why" try to answer all his questions and do not throw it away saying that there is no time. If you do not know the answer, try to understand his question with him.

Often, many women say that fathers do not take any part in the life of the child. Women are not often to blame for this. After childbirth, they are very jealous of the child.

6 Do not apply the model to the family "good mother and evil dad". It is never worthwhile for one of the parents to speak ill of another parent in the presence of the child. Whatever relationship does not develop between the spouses.
Raising the boy is necessary from an early age to know the circle of his friends, to observe the relationship between them. Actively participate in his school life. Each of the parents must find a way to the child, build a trusting relationship with him.
Adolescence is the most difficult in life, both for the child and for the parents. Each parent should pay special attention during this period. During this period, physiological changes take place, the boy becomes a young man. Parents should explain to the child all the features of this age. To make it clear that the child should trust the parents. Parents should be patient, as sudden changes in mood, deterioration in academic performance can occur. Passion for bad habits. It is important to learn how to be right, to talk with your child. Not in any case, do not scream, and use force. It can cause psychological harm. You can turn away from a child. Lose his trust. ukrainian candy



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