Passage of Detroit Become Human - Conor: Hostage - Negotiations


When you are done searching for a crime scene, go outside to begin negotiations.

When you're ready, go talk to the deviant - go to the living room to the window. You can do this even before the task of collecting any evidence is fulfilled - this will prevent the policeman from being shot, and there will be fewer attempts at successful negotiations. Your success depends on the dialogue parameters you choose, as well as on the number of prompts you were able to collect. During the conversation, continue to approach the android. The proposed dialogue options are as follows:

Please keep calm;
Talk to him;
Ask for trust;

In addition, each choice that is associated with tips from an apartment will help. These dialog options are marked with an open lock icon. This also means that new paths in the Diagram have been opened.

In the corner of the terrace you will find a dying policeman - help him, and you will meet him in the head of Public Enemy, and this will also increase public opinion, which will be reflected in the background of events and the final game.

Possible conclusions

The end of this mission is entirely up to you.

There are six different endings, depending on your choice of dialogue:

The deviant frees the girl and the sniper kills him - you need high confidence from the criminal (successful choice of dialogue and collected evidence): order the helicopter to leave, compromise when the android makes its demands, and confirm its best intentions - the Girl will survive.

Kill the deviant - you need to find and collect a pistol from the body of a policeman. Make sure that during the conversation android trusts you, agree with his instructions, and you can use a gun. The girl will survive.

Get a shot - the same as above, although the difference is that you are trying to intimidate an android, and not just kill him. You will get a shot. The main character dies, the girl survives.

Sacrifice yourself - this will be one of the possible options for dialogue by the end of the conversation. The main character dies, the girl survives.

Save Emma - go as close as possible to the android and provoke him to suicide (bring the dialogue to the very end; do not make any promises), then you will be able to catch the girl when they both fall (QTE). First you will need to choose the option “bluff”, and then come closer to the defect - only then you will have enough time to grab the girl.

You are trying to save Emma, ​​but you are failing - as above, but you are failing QTE. The main character and the girl die. Güvenli çalışan siteye misafir hemen ol - betwinner yeni giriş .



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