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Jump on the ledges below, take a very strong ring and return to the swamps.

Fighting the two of them is very difficult, so try to get one of them to jump into the swamp. The easiest way is to bring them to the stairs and go down several steps. Then it is likely that one of them will jump to a lower level after its attack. Fighting with only one Knight of the Ring will be much easier. After winning the duel, head to the bridge, and then adhere to the right wall.

Fighting two Knights of the Ring at the same time is very difficult. When you deal with them, enter the room, talk with Lapp and take the ring.

Along the way, watch out for creatures that infect with a curse and lightning. You will reach the room in which Lapp is located. Talk to him and he will tell you about the Monogram of Purification. Next to Lapp lies the Golden Ring of the Greedy Serpent +3. Return to the bonfire on the Streets of the Ring and rest before continuing.

Open the locked doors by the fire

The swamp is a vast territory filled with many complex skirmishes. Along the way, you will find insects resembling a mixture of locusts and a spider, as well as creepy creatures that cause circles, Knights of the Ring and a mini-boss.

Start bypassing the swamp, destroying the great character that causes ghosts in the center of the location. This will make it easier for you to explore this area. Run, and when archers appear, hide. When ghosts shoot arrows from bows - dodge, avoiding injuries.

At the same time, watch out for the attacks of a great character. Archers should not appear again, so focus on eliminating the great enemy. He can summon one ghost with a hammer. Heal and avoid melee attacks because they do massive damage. After defeating him, collect objects lying in the middle of the swamp.

Start with the Big Soul of a tired warrior and the Soul of a tired warrior. Head to the peninsula, collecting a lump of titanite from a corpse. Continue walking to the sunken building on the left and the cliffs on the right. Climb the hill that leads up the stairs to the room with fire. Collect the Knight of the Ring Knight along the way.

 If you do not need to fill the estates, go to the large building.

If you do not need to rest, go to the sunken building. At the flooded shrine lies the preacher’s right hand, and near the flooded building you will find the soul of a tired warrior. As you approach the building, three Knights of the Ring will attack you. Do not fight with them three at the same time - lure them one by one to a safe place and kill them.

Take the shimmering titanite that lies by the corpse at the back of the building. Jump from the roof onto a rocky road. Go straight to the entrance to the building with a stone bridge on the left and a swamp on the right. Inside the building, open the iron door that will open access to the bonfire: city streets.

Go through the roof of the building and get to its back. Jump on the road and go to the entrance. Unlock the bonfire inside. Log into several Dark Web marketplaces using only the alternative link Darknet Markets it stores active urls of most popular Darknet marketplaces



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