Causes of tsunami

Water is not as harmless as it seems at first glance. Calm and warm waves, in which only a hundred splashed people, can turn into a terrifying natural disaster - a tsunami. Tsunami is a long wave, for tens of meters towering above the strip of the shore and lowering to it a huge mass of water. Most often tsunamis appear due to natural events and human activities. Despite its origin, the water of the ocean comes into incredible hesitation and begins to move to the shore, gradually increasing its speed, resulting in a tsunami gaining huge power, which pours water on the coast.
At the shore, the speed of the wave is no longer so great, however, its height is disastrous for a man who has not managed to escape from the water. In addition, it often happens that a tsunami can bring down more than one wave on the coast, and several, which is no less dangerous, since people approach the shore without feeling more threat from the sea. Most of the waves in the world occur in the Pacific Ocean, which is explained by the structure of its bottom and the presence of numerous sources for the emergence of a giant wave.

Most often tsunamis are formed due to earthquakes. An earthquake triggers a sea surface when one part is lowered and the other is raised. Water at the same time begins to fluctuate in an upright position, trying to balance itself. After submarine earthquakes, not one wave can be created. To foresee such an earthquake is difficult, because on land the fluctuations of the earth are not felt.

The cause of tsunamis is less likely to be landslides, which in turn are also formed by an earthquake. As a result of a landslide, tons of ice and rocks collapse into the water, which causes the displacement of the same mass of water. Such landslides are dangerous in small bays or deltas of rivers.

Sometimes horrible and deadly waves rise when the volcano erupts. The eruption of the volcano creates explosions, which form a tsunami.
In addition, when the volcano erupts the place of rocks, the cavity is occupied by water, which in the end also leads to fluctuations in the water level and waves.

Man also becomes a tsunami. It is enough only to make a powerful explosion in the water, so that a long wave appears, flooding the banks.

There is evidence that millions of years ago the tsunami caused the collapse of a meteorite, which at a speed crashed into the World Ocean. Omegle girls and Stickam Videos from best webchat



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