New Year's Eve Update

In connection with the fact that the Fire Rooster is pedantry, running in New Year's Eve efforts, it is necessary to think over what else needs to be done to make everything perfect. Of course, you need to start with a general cleaning. By the way, as they say, astrologers and masters of feng shui, even general cleaning should be done at the right time: when the energy of the house itself helps you and seeks purification.
From the corridor should be attributed to another room all that is not winter: all off-season, something that is not worn at the moment. Of course, getting rid of unnecessary trash - it will be very useful for living space. The main rule: there should be only what is worn this winter.
In the kitchen, you should conduct an audit and review your priority attitude to the inventory. If you have not used something for more than a year, it is better to give this thing to someone: and you will have a place, and you will make a nice person. Be sure to throw away all the slightly damaged dishes (with chips and cracks, burnt once and smoked to the indeterminacy of "native" color). Put the oven and microwave in order - they tend to always require attention.
In the rooms it is necessary to determine the damage (a peeled off piece of wallpaper, a skirting board, a broken corner) and eliminate them. It is important that the apartment for the upcoming holiday feels refreshed. Clean the furniture, polish the surfaces, clean the glass. If trifles are found somewhere with which there are unpleasant associations, it is better to get rid of them. Having thrown out all unnecessary you, thereby, free up space for positive energy.
Preparing for the new year is necessary and in the spiritual plan, so to speak, to freedom - with a clear conscience. Astrologers and for this case determine the date, what and when to do. For example, December 15 - this is the last period when you must pay all the debts. Otherwise, you will drag the remaining "happiness" with you next year, and this process will continue. On the same day, it is good to analyze the past year and draw conclusions so that next year everything planned could be done. But the plans for the next year to think well on December 22.
Having cleared and having opened a way to a stream of positive energy, it is possible to think and about desires. Having guessed them on the day of the Catholic Christmas, on New Year's Eve or on the Old New Year, you will help them to fulfill them.
The Fire Rooster is the keeper of the family hearth and well-being. So to cleanse the space you need to approach responsibly and scrupulously. Well, and removing all unnecessary, you can begin to decorate: garlands, Christmas toys, flashlights or panels should be made of natural material. new site of 4k movies download now in 2160 Ultra HD



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