Correct behavior in freezing weather

Winter fun is not a problem, as there is a huge choice of the most fun, since sleds, skates ending. But when the thermometer shows a big disadvantage, many decide to postpone all trips to warming.

In any case, whatever the frost, to work still have to go. If the output, you need to run for food. Few people know how to behave so as not to freeze and do not get sick. After reading this article, you will with this just get acquainted.

1. Thick full meal before you get out on the street, is a must. In order to warm up the body can own, it is very much needed energy that a person gets it from food. In winter, you need to eat foods rich in protein, such as meat.

2. If you think that a hot cup of tea before going out, or on the street to buy hot tea, it will help you stay warm, then you are deeply mistaken. Hot drinks contribute to the expansion of blood vessels, due to which there is heat loss. You can enjoy tea is not less than half an hour before the release.

3. Avoid alcoholic beverages. Warming alcohol on the streets in what good will not result. You can feel the heat for thirty minutes, but then it will lose heat. With all the above, under the influence of alcoholic beverages brain does not work properly, and the signals may result in frostbite of the limbs.

4. Dress for the weather. In pursuit of fashion trends, many teenagers and young people dress in tight clothes and wear tight shoes. In severe frosts your tight clothes do not fit. Look in your closet loose clothing, wear several layers of clothing.

5. The nose is not recommended to close the scarf. As before, now compassionate parents muffle her children in a scarf. And many women are doing it. But the pair, settling on the scarf to form the ice, and it only allows cold air, which is bad for the throat.

6. Do not stand long in the freezing weather. Even if it is a necessary measure, periodically warmed the room.

7. No need to breathe through the mouth. In order not to get sick, the air flow must be only warm. Inhaling air through his nose, he has time to warm up before you get into the body. If frost sinuses can not breathe, you breathe through your mouth, but only a small crack.

Here and met with the simple tips that will help you not get sick and be beautiful. Feeling down? Cheerful and bright slot game is just what you need to feel better!



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