Help in choosing holograms

When choosing a hologram, it is important to understand which hologram is needed, and for what it will be used. The use of holographic products, due to the flexibility and the assortment of materials on which it is possible to apply a holographic image, is used for almost any task.
We offer 3 main types of materials:
Holographic laminate of hot lamination - it is used for laminating documents and plastic cards with the help of laminators, the equipment which pripresuovuet, and under the influence of temperature, the laminate is attached to the document.

Holographic foil of hot stamping - is used in cases when a hologram is applied to printing products on an industrial scale. The cost of one hologram is much less than the cost of a similar number of stickers, but there are additional costs for, directly, the process of hologram application. In addition, in this case, special equipment is required, which is not owned by all printing companies. A hologram made on hot stamping foils has limitations in the number of image recording channels and security elements.
Holographic sticker is used in all other cases, thanks to the flexibility in the use of stickers. Agree, because there is nothing easier than sticking a sticker where you want. . .
Size and parameters of the order of holograms
After we have decided on the application and use of the hologram, we must approve the dimensions of the product.
Each type of material has its own parameters and, unfortunately, limitations.
Holographic Laminate
Hot stamping foil
Hologram sticker, sticker or label.

Circulation of holograms
We are ready to produce any print of holograms, but we ask understanding in this matter. This is the & quot; Minimal Circulation & quot; parameter.
The company owns modern, high-tech and industrial equipment. Yes, we can produce 10, 20 or 100 holograms. . . And what about the rest of the 900 prints? . . That's why we always say that whatever one may say, we'll still make the minimal lot. That's why we are talking about a minimum circulation.
As for multi-million circulation - here we are as "fish in water". This is our profile, and our technologies allow us to produce any number of holograms in a short time.
Type of hologram
We offer 4 types of holograms. Conditionally they can be divided into 2 categories.
Individual holograms and holograms created on the basis of a standard image.
These include Backgrounds, Thermal Transfer Personalization and Chemical Etching. Each species has its advantages and disadvantages.
A very important issue in the field of holography. We are not engaged in imitations and imitations of existing holograms. If suddenly, in the process of ordering we ask to provide us with documents that confirm your right to order such an image - we ask for your understanding! This measure is designed to ensure that neither you nor we have any problems with the copyright holders of images and the Law. Also be sure! When ordering holograms in OOO "Hologram & quot; you will not have problems with & quot; left & quot; release and / or unfair competition. We are not interested in this, and we value the reputation and good name of our brand. Best online pokies clubhs near You! How to find that clubs? Just check our directory with geo tags!



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