First sex. Does he have an impact on your life?

8. The first sex. Does he have an impact on your life?

Although the first sexual intercourse may not have on your sex life a significant impact, but could be significant, at what age did you start to have sex. Does upon us if we start having sex too early or too late?
On average, we do not start having sex too early
Although the relationship of young people, traditionally regarded as the representatives of the older generation a little more cheeky than it once was, has long supported the average age for first sexual intercourse: 17.5 years. On the first date, both boys and girls, are aged about 15 years, and the first serious relationship begin to build about 18 years. Looking to the first time of contact usually is more than six months. But these figures are very individual, 26% of respondents said that they knew each other before the first sexual contact at least a month.
At what age, usually begin to have sex Europeans?
As shown by the polls, the majority of women have their first sexual contact between 16 and 17 goals (48%). At the time, the boys have about 16 years of age (before the girl) indulge petingom, only 34% of men have first sex between 16 and 17 years, as a woman. Age from 18 to 19 years is the most common for the first sexual intercourse for 27% of men. The figures show that the current generation of young people, in most cases, suffer no ill effects from too early initiated sexual life.
Age of first sex can have a big impact
Experts say that between the causes of some sexual dysfunctions can be hidden is the age at which you entered the first sexual contact. Wrong time of onset of sexual activity can bring a lot of problems. A study conducted at Columbia University and the State Psychiatric Institute for Clinical and Behavioral Studies show that, at the time, as too early sexual activity influences more on women with late sexual experience have long-term problems, particularly men.
What are the negative effects of too early age of onset of sexual activity?
When American scientists have studied the clinical data collected in 1996, they found that people who started having sex during early puberty are more prone to erratic behavior, often suffer from sexually transmitted infection, and often make love under the influence alcohol or drugs. Thus, we can say that early sexual activity is somehow linked to early pregnancy and disease, but on the other hand, are not always within these phenomena can be found required causal connection. shemale porn



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