The first signs of the onset of labor

Nine months are running out, the long-awaited meeting of Mom with a crumb is coming. And then there are questions: how to understand when "the process has gone"? What to do? Consider the main signs of the onset of labor, and also outline the plan of action and the most important recommendations for future mothers.
Rarely birth begins "without warning". As a rule, the body makes it clear that the long-awaited moment is not far off. There is it for 24 weeks: the hormonal background which prepares the woman for forthcoming sorts varies. The tummy descends, and therefore the mother is forced to often run to the toilet under pressure on the bladder. Begin false labor - irregular and absolutely painless contractions of the uterus. The mucous plug comes off, which is often accompanied by a small amount of blood. This can happen even a couple of hours before delivery. However, this process does not mean that you have to go to the hospital. The emotional side of the medal is very unstable, activity can sharply manifest, accompanied by the so-called "nest" instinct: the mother prepares the house for the arrival of the baby, and seeks to stock up on the dowry. Missing appetite? This is normal. A woman can even lose a dozen kilos, which means that the body is fully prepared for the upcoming event.
Bad messenger - a sharp change in the activity of the baby. Before childbirth, it usually decreases, but if the child is on the contrary active, it can mean a lack of oxygen. A long lull is also a bad sign. It is necessary to make ultrasound. Bloody discharge should also alert you. They are associated with premature birth or placental pathology. In this case, it is worth calling an ambulance.
It is premature to go to a hospital in the following situations:
- Scar on the uterus;
- The big kid;
- Pelvic presentation;
- Two babies;
- Pathological pregnancy;
- If the placenta closes the exit from the uterus;
- Extragenital diseases.

Begins labor contractions, similar to pain with menstruation. The cervix is ​​opened to release the baby. At this stage, you can stay at home, but when the bouts are repeated every 10 minutes and last about 20 seconds - it's time. Be sure to control the contractions! In no case should you drink anesthetic and eat. But most importantly, there is no panic. The kid feels everything.
Childbirth is divided into three periods. In the first period, the cervix is ​​opened, this process lasts for 12-14 hours in primiparas and about 56 hours for women giving birth to not the first child. The second period is the most important one! Attempts are added to the fights, which helps to "push" the baby to the exit. Well, the last period - the birth of the afterbirth. This process is easily accelerated by resorting to oxytocin injection. Then follows the examination, the baby is put to the breast of the mother and another 2 hours they are under the supervision of the doctor.
The length of labor depends on the following factors:
- Age of mother (younger - easier);
- The weight of the baby (heavier - more difficult);
- Contractions (frequency and force);
- Advancement (it is better at the head). HD quality young porn videos with Sexy Girls 18 streams of these amateur, nude girls.



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