Paranormal phenomenon - brownie

The ancient Slavs referred Domovoi to the forces of nature. He was considered a spirit guarding the dwelling, protecting the owners from misfortunes and evil evil spirits. In legends and fairy tales, he was called in different ways: Domovik, and Boss, and Nurse. People always treated him with respect. It was believed that if the owners were hard workers, kept their house clean, then Domova also acted quietly. But if the landlady did not follow the purity, was grumpy, then he was mischievous: he hid things, beat dishes, spoiled food.
The housekeeper not only looked after the household, but could also warn the household about the approach of the disaster. At night, he leaned on the sleeper's chest, and to the question: "To good or to bad?", Gave an answer. If an outsider was coming into the house with evil intentions, then the spirit could tear clothes on it or smash the dishes in his hands, giving the owners a sign that a disaster might happen.
Where did the Brownie come from?
 In the most widespread version it is considered that the House is the deceased member of the family. He is reborn as a seven-hundred-year old man and in time grows younger, and dies as an infant.
Housekeeper is a bright spirit, even if it refers to "evil spirit". He is not afraid of the cross. And, according to Christian beliefs, can receive the Lord's forgiveness and go to Paradise. To do this, he needs to serve one house for 70 years.
How does the Brownie look like?
Few people saw the House. However, everyone who managed to meet with him, describe it roughly the same. It's a peasant, a little below the meter, with short legs and arms, but with a disproportionate big head. He is covered with a red messy hair, even his hands and feet. It is believed that over time, the House becomes similar to its owners.
It is difficult to see it, but it's easy to hear. Sometimes these are quiet moans or crying, sometimes indiscriminate muttering. When House begins to run - usually at night, then you hear either the sound of the dishes, or the sounds of the furniture being moved. Then it is accepted to coax him. At night leave a treat - a saucer with milk and bread, sometimes sweets. The housekeeper in gratitude ceases to make noise.
Even family ties are not alien to spirits. In a safe home, Domova can acquire a wife - Domoviha, and even numerous offspring - Domovyaty. It was they who were often seen by the owners, since the kids were not yet able to use invisibility well.
Professional holiday.
From 10 to 11 February, Domovik celebrates the New Year. This is the only winter night, when he does not sleep, and noisy walks and celebrates. These days, the spirit is congratulated and condoned by treats.



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