Features of mini-pie

Mini - pi has long been not exotic. But nevertheless, not every day you will meet a mini-pie on a leash. It would seem that a pig lives in your house, but the destiny of a pig is a stable in the village. However, small pigs are increasingly appearing in apartments and houses. After all, it's great when all eyes are fixed on you on the street. What is the secret of such success among pet owners?
How surprising it did not sound, but according to statistics in mini - pigs the intellect exceeds the indicators of common cats and dogs. They are put on a par with monkeys and even dolphins. Such a comparison speaks volumes, does not it? Accordingly, compared to dogs, to teach the piglet to different teams is much easier and faster. Like any representative of its kind, a mini-pig will do anything for a piece of sugar in the owner's hand. Try to force the dog to give a paw for sugar.
The second important aspect when choosing a mini - pig among other pets is the absence of allergy in all its manifestations. After all, pigs do not have hair, which means that they are completely hypoallergenic on a par with cats and dogs that do not have hair. Piglets are clean by nature. This statement sounds strange, but one way or another, you can not argue with it. Even on farms, pigs do "dirty business" in the same place without any training. This strange habit greatly simplifies the owners of mini-pigs cleaning for their pet. In addition to all this, they practically do not emit unpleasant odors, which can not be said about many other pets.
By nature, pigs are funny and inquisitive. Observe how they shove their patch in all the interesting places and quickly run around in circles, it is necessary to like the whole family, provided that the mini-pig is not overfed, otherwise it will lie and sleep for days on end. Pigs produce different sounds, of which there are a great many. They can tenderly grunt, and can squeal so that they will lay their ears. In this case, the piglet makes certain sounds in each specific situation, and the host, having lived some time, side by side with his pet, will learn to understand it very well. Mini - pigas are very sociable, because nature is built into them by social groups, so they easily get along with other pets. And it's good if the pig in friends has a cheerful puppy, and not a silent spider behind the glass. Otherwise, having got bored, the piglet will search for itself entertainment, and hardly it will be pleasant to the owner who has come from work. Dolphins-pearl-777.com is a perfect place to experience online slot games!



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