Features of Spanish cuisine

Churros, tortilla, gazpacho, paella. Some names of Spanish dishes excite the imagination and stimulate appetite. Spaniards true gourmets. Spanish cuisine is not only delicious, but more colorful and aesthetic. Spanish cuisine is less popular, but not inferior to its competitors recognized.
National characteristics.
Spain is large enough and in culinary terms somewhat contradictory. Spain Kitchen belongs to the Mediterranean, based on an abundance of seafood, but, nevertheless, the Spanish meat cook more often.
In different areas of the country's culinary traditions are different. Each region is proud of its culinary delights and special recipes. But be that as it may, they all belong to a common culinary tradition, which made use of a large number of herbs and spices, olive oil and garlic flavored.
It is considered that the Basque cuisine is refined and elegant. Proximity to the sea has played a decisive role. In cooking, abundant seafood used.
Northwest is famous for its soups, fish dishes and sauces.
Culinary traditions of the eastern part, transformed under the influence of French and Italian cuisines, eventually found their unique features. These places are famous for their dishes from pork, seafood. Then be sure to use a large amount of vegetables, cheese and dairy products. Almost every meal is usually served sauce.
Bright temperamental south is famous for excellent olive oil. It is the southern regions of Spain culinary culture owes the appearance of the well-known soup - gazpacho.
The coloring.
Early in the morning you can see the Spaniards except for a cup of morning coffee. Breakfast time comes much later. Around 10 in the morning. It's time for another cup of coffee, accompanied by fresh pastries, sandwiches or Spanish.
siesta time - lunchtime. Traditionally, the meal consists of salad, meat or fish course with side dish, paella or soup and accompanied by a glass of wine. For dessert, you can enjoy pastries or fresh fruit.
Supper in Spain taken rather late. Traditionally, this seafood, slicing meat and cheese, olives and salads. The attitude of the Spaniards to the meal is so serious that the breakfast lunch and dinner hours, the streets are empty, shops closed at the break. This is a time not only for eating, but also for recreation.
To get to know Spanish cuisine is not enough to visit the country. The coloring and traditions of different regions are so different that will have to visit every corner. Slot games at mega-moolah-slot.com are always the right choice!



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