About the script "Two lives." Part four

Doors, gates, windows open, heavy oak gates open.

Runs news on the working outskirts.

“Volodya won't go anywhere,” the tall old woman says evil, blocking the door, “father was killed, now give the child ... the revolution ... you are bullies and nobody else ...”

The “child” —a huge growth of a guy — gives Nicholas signs from behind his mother and after a moment, while the old woman is still fighting, sticks out her long legs into a small window and, bent over in three deaths, gets out of the house.

- Back, back, Volodya! - shouts after him the old woman. - Well, wait, you bastard ...

Great news is running along Peter, on workers 'barracks, on soldiers' barracks.

- Lenin is going!

Go workers.

Built sailors.

- Take all exits from the station ... look at both, comrades!

We moved, revolutionary sailors went with a clear step.

Nicholas was surrounded by workers. Approached late. Who fastens on the go kosovorotki who smoothes naughty tuft, tucking hair under his cap. Everyone is excited listening to Nicholas.

- ... Is the task clear? Your cell is responsible for the order of movement.

- Clear...

Nikolai writes a note and gives it to the old man standing next to him.

- You, Pyotr Vasilyevich, to the forestry people, they know you there.

- Probably not forgotten.

And again they walk, knock, raise working people.

- Lenin! Lenin is going!

It is evening. Golden sunlight still lies on the roofs of houses, on the domes of churches. And below, in the spans of the streets, already twilight. Nikolay and Nyusha all go and go. Merry, tired, go holding hands.

- Let's split, Kohl. I now know what to say.

- Well, take the left side, and I right.

The sun has already set, and all the heralds are walking upstairs.

- Ilyich! Ilyich! .. Comrades, today Lenin arrives!

And suddenly a disgruntled, flabby face.

- I need your Lenin ... Go to hell! - And the average man turned on the feather bed, turns to the wall.

- Lenin is going!

Along the streets, gathering in groups, begin to move towards Vyborgskaya - there, in the direction of the Finland Station. From the alley into the alley, from the street into the street go and go, knocking down in an increasingly powerful force. Red Guards are coming, they are joined in columns, whitewashed flashes of whitewashed words: “Hello Lenin, welcome!” Soldiers are walking, sailors are walking, armored cars are traveling in a crowd. There is a worker Petrograd to meet Lenin. Passersby stop, ask what happened. Some join the column. Others are perplexed:

- Lenin? So what? And who is he? Why is it still to meet? Not even a member of the State Duma ... Please tell me Lenin ... Here you can find the best Australian casinos with top pokies and no hassle payouts.



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