Pad Printing Equipment

Pad printing machines are usually used if printing is required on uneven surfaces (for example, convex or concave surfaces, surfaces with complex geometric shapes). It is also possible to print in this way and on ordinary flat surfaces. The paint is applied by transfer with a special tampon. The main advantage of this technology of paint application is the high speed of application and the quality of the resulting image, as well as the possibility of applying paint to any materials. The leader in the production of equipment for pad printing is currently the company NAME. The characteristics of the products of this company are reference in this segment. The company is constantly improving and producing new equipment for pad printing.
The consultants of our company TITLE will select for you a high-quality machine that meets all your requirements for applying the image, taking into account the specifics of the goods produced, as well as the possibilities for increasing the level of productivity. We also perform equipment configuration, provide technical support and service.
Accessories and spare parts for pad printing
Tampon printing is one of the types of printing that is made by transferring the image using special silicone tampons. Most often, pad printing is used to apply paint on surfaces of complex shape. To perform pad printing requires a large number of different parts and accessories. Special quality is different materials TITLE.
This company is a leader in the production, sale and service of pad printing machines. Our specialists will help you choose all kinds of spare parts and accessories for pad printing, as well as tell you where to assemble, service and repair the machine. Using this product will allow you to carry out orders for printing of any complexity in a short time.
No device can work forever. Even high-quality tampon machines require careful maintenance and, unfortunately, the periodic replacement of some parts. The main accessories for pad printing are brushes for washing photopolymer cliches, raster films, developers for plates, as well as various knives for pad printing. At the moment they are fully represented in the Russian market and in the NAME. tipes-caviar



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