Security and fire alarm

The range of services of the company "NAME" is very large, in addition to all the above systems, the attention of customers is offered a security and fire alarm system. The company works only with the best suppliers of equipment, which have proved themselves among the world's leading manufacturers. The work of the system fully meets the qualitative indicators of safety and functional requirements and, depending on the wishes of the customer, can carry out the notification, through
radio channel,
wire system,
global digital standard GSM.
The device of automatic redial for several emergency numbers gives the equipment an additional functional characteristic. The fire and security alarm system is designed so conveniently that it allows using it not only as an independent system, but also as one of the elements of an integrated security system.
Functions of the fire alarm system of the company "NAME":
analysis of the client,
conducting diagnostics of technical characteristics and components of the object, as a whole, and its structural components,
the calculation of the time reserve in case of unavoidable evacuation,
calculates the probability of the influence of especially dangerous factors in the event of a fire.
coordination with supervisory authorities.
The voice alarm system has an important function in case of fire hazard. If necessary, security and fire alarms not only warn people who are on site, but also become a guide to proper evacuation, and therefore reduce the likelihood of risk. This type of alert can be used in various territories and infrastructure objects. The joint fire alarm system and voice transmission are quite universal, and are included in two ways: with the help of employees, or automatically when the fire alarm is triggered.
Thanks to the security and fire alarm of the company "NAME" there are a number of possibilities:
You can arm the object either by keyboard or manually,
control over the security system, through notification of an alarm, fire, penetration and malfunction of equipment,
the system performs reception of electrical signals, from automatic, manual and fire detectors.
all information about the status of the fire and security system is displayed on the display,
the system independently detects network failures and monitors the integrity of the fire system loop, as well as the presence of clipping and short circuits.
The company "NAME" is engaged in the installation of security and fire alarm. In addition, the maintenance provided by the specialists of the company "NAME" prolongs the effective operation of the device and avoids the occurrence of accidental malfunctions. Visit free 18+ XXX porno website -



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