About the film "In a Single Order"

The festival of feature films of the People’s Republic of China was held with great success in our country. Among the films that were shown on the Soviet screens was the film “In a Single Structure”, created in commonwealth by Soviet and Chinese filmmakers. The film is based on authentic events that took place today in China on the construction of a large hydroelectric station.

... An unprecedented severe flood threatens to flood the city and the pit of a hydroelectric power station under construction. At the call of the Communist Party, the population, the builders of hydropower plants, Soviet specialists at the construction site, are rising to fight the raging elements. Soldiers of the People’s Liberation Army come to the rescue.

This main plot is interspersed with episodes revealing the past of the main actors - the Chinese Wang De-ming (in his youth plays the artist Ma Dzin W, in old age - the artist Tian Fan) and the Russian Matveyev (artist I. Dmitriev).

On the screen, episodes of civil war appear, when the heroes recognize each other and make friends, defending the Country of Soviets, which was just born in hot revolutionary battles, in arms.

Decades have passed, they are together again, but not on the battlefields, but on the construction of the largest hydroelectric station.

Developing the storyline of these two characters, the authors of the film (screenwriters V. Kozhevnikov, Lin Shang, E. Dzigan and Gan Xue-wei, directors E. Dzigan and Gan Xue-wei) convincingly showed that friendship tested in the fire of war becomes stronger in peacetime, in creative work for the benefit of the people.

The film reaches its highest voltage at a time when Chinese warriors, hydropower builders and Soviet people rush into the icy water and, forming closed ranks, create a living, impregnable wall that held back the stormy pressure of a spilled river. This scene vividly shows the meaning of the title of the film “In a single line”. Yes, that's right, shoulder to shoulder, in a single order, the brothers-brothers go to the great goal ... Close-ups of inspired people, determined, complement the picture of collective action. The words of the secretary of the city committee of the party (artist Tsui Wei) and engineer Sviridov (artist S. Godov), who remembered a wise Chinese proverb, sounded deeply.

Remarkably shot landscapes and episodes of construction. The atmosphere of events was successfully conveyed, an unforgettable picture, when along a flooded railway track, like a ship, dissecting waves, a train with long-awaited equipment is moving quickly to the construction site. Operators A. Kaltsaty and Bao Dze used the widescreen capabilities well. Their shots are full of bright national color.

In the episodes that revive the past, with great excitement, the audience met the appearance on the screen of V.I. Lenin (artist M. Kondratiev), talking with the young Red Army men Matveyev and Van De-min. This is one of the best scenes of the film, revealing the cordiality of Lenin, his heartfelt wisdom. The words of Ilyich are prophetic in this conversation: "The Chinese people want to become, like the Russian people, free, and they know that in this struggle their only ally is the Russian worker and peasant."

Unfortunately, not everything is equivalent in the film. In an effort to convey a powerful turn of events and emphasize the heroic image of the Chinese people, the authors somewhat superficially reveal the experiences of the heroes and their characters. Much of the relationship between Gali’s daughter Sviridov (actress V. Radunskaya) and Wang De-ming’s son Wang Xiao (artist Jai Hui) remained unclear. Naive scene explanation Matveeva and Elena. But these shortcomings are not crucial. In general, the film looks with interest. Undoubtedly, it will further strengthen the friendship between the great Soviet and Chinese peoples. here



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