Teaching the dog is not afraid of touching

The dog should be comfortable with touching, including wearing a collar and leash, and also with hygienic and medical procedures: washing, grooming, veterinary inspection, etc. A dog, accustomed to touching, gets along much better with people and reacts less aggressively to invade her personal space. Keep in mind, you will have less problems with an adult dog if you start courting her from an early age. At the same time, constancy and regularity are extremely important - only then will your pet remain calm and positive.

If the dog resists leaving, desensitize it to touch. Do not do this yourself if she has already tried to bite in response to a physical touch. Work with a professional: he can easily cope with the problem.

On the body of the dog there are places, especially sensitive to touching. It's legs, head and mouth. Desensitize the dog with the exercise described above, which teaches the ability to relax. Wait until she relaxes and starts to breathe slowly. Touch one of the least sensitive areas on her body: to the chest, to the area under the chin or to the back. Touch confidently, as with a massage, but do not make sudden movements and at first do not bend over. Do this exercise in a spacious place where the dog will not feel embarrassed.

If it relaxes at your touch, reward it with a treat (a toy or click of a clicker can be too exciting). Continue to touch it (or massage), moving to the next section of her body and treating her with a treat all the time, while she remains relaxed. Try a little pressure and, if the dog does not recoil, but only pushes you, reward it.

Start with a short session (one or two minutes) and gradually increase their duration. When your pet will calmly transfer the touch to the less sensitive places on his body, gradually move to the more sensitive ones. Grab his paw for a second, then give it a treat; keep your paw longer and longer. Expand the touch zone until you can freely touch the entire body of the dog, but so that it remains relaxed at the same time. Ask other people to touch it, and when it reacts to their touch as calmly as yours, you can think that you have reached the goal. Online dating service for women seeking men and those men who looking for live free sex and talk to an interesting girl via our dating chat.



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