Inspection of engineering systems and communications in the reconstruction of buildings

Properly and adequately assess the possibilities of reconstruction of buildings and structures of the urban infrastructure is possible only after a professional assessment of the functionality of all systems and components, which includes the examination of engineering systems and existing communications. Indeed, it is often only due to this complicated procedure that it is possible to identify the reason for too high operating costs for maintaining the building in working condition, or to determine whether it needs major repairs and reconstruction of adjacent premises.

It is especially important to consider the need for a survey of engineering communications from the economic side of the issue, in connection with the annually increasing cost of energy. Indeed, it is often this kind of analysis of the state of the heating or ventilation system of a facility that allows you to save a global amount of money during the heating period, which is very important considering the height of the building or the scale of the building.

Usually an organization that conducts a survey of engineering systems, makes not only a detailed analysis of the repair, but also gives practical advice and specific proposals for upgrading the systems, which is important. It is also possible to carry out current preventive measures that can improve the conditions of comfort inside the building or again reduce the cost of maintaining it, in the current economic situation on the construction market.

The main stages of the survey of engineering systems consist of a detailed study of the performance of each network separately and their interaction, if they are interconnected. For example, an inspection of the heating system of an object can be accompanied by an examination of the work of the furnace or boiler room, an analysis of the heat supply network of ventilation systems and heat curtains, if any, on the object. A separate item is checked for supply and exhaust ventilation and heat recovery, especially if it is an industrial object or production premises.
It is also compulsory during the inspection of the building that the central air-conditioning and aspiration networks, hot and cold water supply systems, wastewater disposal from the building are checked. The system of industrial and storm sewage systems existing on the operating facility is also subject to independent verification.

You should not lose sight of the assessment of the state of low-voltage networks, electrical systems and warning systems, fire alarm systems, without which it is impossible to imagine the work of a complex large infrastructure object. However, the timing of the work on the inspection of engineering systems depends on the scale of the project and on the stage of reconstruction work. Plus time to conduct laboratory tests and verification calculations. This is the only way to be sure that in the future the engineering networks will be efficient, and the operation of the building will bring not extra expenses, but only the expected dividends. En iyi koşullara sahip olan bir bahis firması - betwinner mobil .



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