General requirements for the care of laminate

The majority prefers this modern flooring, which has been developed taking into account all requirements of consumers as a laminate having a number of advantages.

This environmentally friendly material, which has an attractive appearance, is resistant to mechanical stress, functional and relatively accessible cost. To extend the service life of sex, should be familiar with the operating rules of the material.
Caring for laminate flooring is simple and does not require a lot of time and effort, but you must adhere to certain rules. It should be easy to carry out cleaning every day, cleaned of dirt right methods, use approved material for detergents.

Regular dry cleaning can help prevent sand, debris, or dust in the tool joints, which then cause creaking. Cleaning must be performed with a brush or broom is also allowed to use the vacuum cleaner, but it does not use steam cleaning, which can disturb the top layer which protects the coating. Twice a week is recommended to carry out wet cleaning, using warm water and a soft wrung cloth or mop with a specially designed nozzle. It is immediately after washed the floor with a damp cloth to wipe the surface dry to remove stains, as the laminate is very sensitive to water, as well as any of the wood.

Use of ethanol or acetone can be deduced stains. To do this, first apply the cleaner to the stain, wait until the stain dissolves, and gently remove with a damp cloth. Due to the special tools that you need to purchase in specialty stores, you can restore the original luster.

To remove deep scratches, you can use a wax pencil with which to spend on scratch. Then apply a coat of varnish on top, then the scratch will disappear. Get rid of deep scratches paste special help that manufacturers developed material designed exclusively for repairing flooring.

The main conditions for the care of the laminate include preventing scratches. For this purpose, furniture legs, which will move necessary to glue the felt stickers, and furniture on wheels, buy wheels with rubberized protective layer. Also, do not throw heavy or sharp objects on the floor. And most important to study in detail the operating instructions and adhere to the manufacturer developed its provisions. ISSUES WITH FLIGHT? Get flight delay compensations up to 510 euro per one person.



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