New Year on the Islands of Eternal Spring

To immediately dot all the "i" - the Islands of Eternal Spring - this is the famous Canary Islands, the rest of which is a kind of realization of the popular phrase "life was a success". Is it worth changing the New Year's performances in the capital, a dressed up Christmas tree, a close circle of friends, a cozy house and a snow-covered courtyard outside the window for the unknown, seasoned with sandy beaches and plant exotic?

The one for whom "life did succeed", without hesitation, will answer - it's worth it! Canary Islands - this is really a picturesque corner of nature, where all year round spring. It remains only to understand - what to "catch" on the Canary Islands in the New Year (besides, of course, fish in the open sea)? How do local residents meet this holiday and what do visitors offer? First of all, it will be necessary to disappoint all admirers of the resort silence, saying that the Canary Islands are full of tourists all year round, and therefore you will not be able to enjoy solitude even in winter. A lot of people and they all crave entertainment.

The first stage of the Canary Winter Festivals is the traditional Nochebuena - The Night Before Christmas (December 24th). Dwellings of pious islanders are pre-decorated with small compositions from biblical plots, and in the evening, families, having supper, go to church. The next day, relatives usually gather at a table with a Christmas turkey and other festive dishes with a touch of local flavor. Naturally, all these gastronomic delights can be enjoyed and tourists themselves. Hotel restaurants offer an extensive Christmas menu, so that guests and their inexperienced stomachs should be remembered afterwards.

Following Christmas, the Canary Islands celebrate the so-called Day of the Simple-minded (December 28), which is akin to our first April day. Tourists should be especially cautious, as local residents succeeded in cheerful rallies and "insidious" deceptions. On December 31, you can really relax and celebrate the New Year in the company of the same adventurers who flooded the islands. In accordance with local traditions, while the clock beats midnight, you need to eat 12 juicy grapes. According to the Spaniards, this tradition guarantees the implementation of any desire in the coming year.

Visiting the Canary Islands in the winter, you are unlikely to stay in the hotel room. Holidays are on the way, and on the 6th of January tourists are waited by the famous La Epifania, and there is a stone's throw to the annual carnival. This is not a Moscow Christmas tree in the mayor's office, tickets for which you can buy at any time - and do nothing more. To the main Spanish carnival are prepared in advance, trying to make it better than the previous one. A real rehearsal of the carnival procession is another gift for those who decided to celebrate the New Year on the Islands of Eternal Spring! The world of Sex Cams is exciting! You get to observe ladies as they pleasure themselves on digital camera for you and love, however it’s even higher as a result of you get to regulate the action. LustFire found the leading sex cam sites on-line, most of which supply many accessible models.



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